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Tarantino talks about importance and symbolism of food in his movies

Tarantino talks about importance and symbolism of food in his movies

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  • MonkeyDot

    His “conversation at the table” scenes are his best ones. I mean, it’s a conversation, frequently about mundane themes, but you watch it, you don’t realize they’re 10 minutes long, you enjoy them, and that’s rare in most movies (at least for me).

  • stormyweber

    He was able o have them discuss the plot in Django when they were in the canyon eating beans. Classic cowboy food, beans.

  • Renelius

    Funny that he mentions hating watching movies where people are pretending to sit there and eat, or altogether avoid eating. The ONE scene that bugs me in Reservoir Dogs dogs is when Pink and White are standing in the hide-out *pretending* to smoke *unlit* cigarettes.

    Edit: Alot of people are saying Pink’s (Buscemi’s) cigarette is lit, I will have to rewatch to confirm. (As if I needed an excuse to watch it again =P)

  • psyense

    Stanley Kubrick did this in his films where the bathroom is where the most interesting scenes went down.

    2001 – The bathroom instructions
    Full Metal Jacket – Leonard snaps and kills Sgt and himself
    Shining – Jack meets Grady the caretaker
    Clockwork Orange – singing in the tub
    Eyes wide shut – Woman that OD’ed was moved into the bathroom.

  • ZeroCool2390

    I could listen to Tarantino talk about his films for hours, he’s so entertaining to listen to, especially when he’s revealing some of the thought that went into each scene.

  • GoldandBlue

    That is Elvis Mitchell he is talking to. If you love movies check out his podcast. He not only talks to guys like Tarantino, Nolan, and Paul Thomas Anderson on the regular, but he always makes great observations like this food clip. That entire interview can be found [here](

  • stanfan114

    I love it when movies have food and eating in them. Kubrick also had great eating scenes: the astronauts traveling on the moon eating chicken salad sandwiches with coffee; Alex eating spaghetti and drugged wine; Alex being hand-fed by the Minister; Jack Nicholson eating bacon and eggs and downing ghost-scotch with great gusto.

  • Tennings

    The biggest craving I’ve ever had from a movie were those god-damned Butter-beer’s from Harry Potter. They sound like magic in a glass…

  • badkins

    I’ve always loved the food scenes, especially the cream in Inglorious Bastards. Ever since I’ve seen it in theaters I’ve wanted some strudel and cream.

  • NailgunYeah

    Goddamnit, now I’m really hungry and I want to watch a Tarantino movie.

    EDIT: I’ve had some pies and I’m watching *Death Proof*. It’s alright.

  • NoFilterInMyHead

    I never made the connection that the characters in qt’s films actually eat their food. I always hate watching actors wave around a slice of pizza for the whole scene without eating it. qt is da man

  • MatlockHolmes

    The suspense aspect of many of the conversations in Tarantino’s films adheres to Hitchcock’s idea of “the bomb under the table”, where the suspense rises from the audience’s knowledge of something still hidden from one or more of the characters in the scene.

    The one in the beginning of Inglorious Basterds takes this even further by having both the characters pretty much know about “the bomb under the table” but unwilling to show their hands and making it just a cruel prolongued game of cat and mouse before the inevitable.

  • jibsky

    I left the theater after seeing Django craving that delicious beer from the tavern scene. It was so awesome to hear him talk about that. He wanted me to go have that beer.

  • warpdesign

    You have no idea how bad I wanted Jack Rabbit Slims to be a real place I could go to after that movie came out. Alas, it was a set 🙁

  • Tuppens

    Didn’t realize the first time around how much sweets Calvin Candie ate throughout Django Unchained. One would think it would be really obvious, but somehow it escaped me.

    Another amusing observation is that Dr. Schultz is/was a dentist and the main antagonist has a terrible set of rotting teeth. It’s another nice touch that makes me appreciate the movie even more.

  • WendyLRogers3

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  • VisVirtusque

    Anyone ever notice that Brad Pitt is a great eater? I think the best example is Ocean’s Eleven. That guy just makes food look good.

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