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Superman can’t take a break.

Superman can’t take a break.

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  • SonicLoverDS

    What choice do they have? Superman is as overpowered as they come; they have to tone him down or there would be no challenge.

  • Iperovic

    It’s because the hero is basically limitless making it impossible to create a game that’s both challenging and accurate

    Either you’re overpowered and so the game can’t go past an arcade button masher or you’re underpowered and so it’s not Superman

    Meanwhile, you could go with a philosophical approach to the character to balance out the game (like say make the story rely on moral choices) but that isn’t the point of Superman so the IP won’t sell

  • aBastardNoLonger

    Playing as the hulk felt disgusting in The Avengers. His sections should have had you OP to the max and should have been a nice little bonus between the more challenging combat stretches.

  • jbenefi12

    I actual felt spiderman is a bit weak in games sometimes, like he can lift a semi but it takes 10 hits to take down a goon, how hard is he pulling his punches?

  • apocoliption

    I think Spiderman is nerfed in all the games hes been in. Strength is nowhere near what he actually possesses. Think he can lift 50 ton, pulls nearly every punch he’s ever thrown to not decapitate the person. spidersense doesnt work all that well if they put it in there. Even his ability to stick to things isnt shown to its true potential theres more but im sire others can add to the list TLDW haha. But i agree superman is nerfed beyond recognition

  • Balrog229

    Because games require balance to be fun for more than an hour or two. Superman is basically a god with no actual downsides aside from his weird rock allergy, which feels like it was shoved in just to say he isn’t all powerful


    It’s because Superman would make for a shit game. There’s no hurdles for the player to overcome when you’re playing as a character who’s entire existence is based upon how overpowered he is.

    You can basically play a Superman game but just playing any game and turning insta-kill, no-clip, and setting the speed to 9999 in the console commands. It would be boring in about 10 minutes.

  • Lonemango

    I would make Superman games to reflect how obscenely powerful he is. The point of the game shouldn’t be to defeat your opponents, but to Remain Superman while doing it.

    With the possible exception of darkseid or Apokalypse the point of the game should be not to disintegrate your enemies with your punches, not to become a nigh omnipotent despot. That has always been Superman’s main conflict. And that should be your conflict in the Superman games. I can see a event where if you fall too far Batman comes to try to take you out.

    The game then becomes way to limit the damage you do. Oops, I flew into a building. Oops I, I melted this guys head, Oops my ice breath froze some civilians. You could even have mechanics where instead of increasing your power as you level, you add psychological barries to decrease your Innate power so you don’t cause more damage. Which is exactly what Superman does! (Unconsciously of course)

    To me that would be premise behind the ultimate Superman game.

  • LexLuthorJr

    I think a good Superman game could be done. I think the first step would be to not have it on Earth. Have it take place on Warworld or Apokalips. Make the baddies robots, Parademons, or Doomsday clones. Superman’s rogue’s gallery would be bosses. Get Rocksteady on that shit.

  • ShadyFigureWithClock

    Nothing about a superman game sounds fun. Flying is a pretty boring game mechanic when you compare it to swinging around on webs.

  • Chaosfox_Firemaker

    To everyone saying it would be impossible to make a full power Superman game, may I remind you the Megaton Rainfall exists. Sure its not literally Supes, but it bears the same principle.

  • Neoxite23

    Wasn’t there a Superman game where you play and the Game Over is if there is too much collateral damage rather than actually being defeated?

  • mcconorjam

    Everyone here talks about how Superman is overpowered and that’s no fun, but they could always just add enemies that are tougher and give him a challenge. No I think the real problem with Superman games is the traversal from one area to the next is incredibly boring. Fly up, fly over, fly down, yawn, repeat. It’s fun to just get around in a Spider-Man game and you feel like you’re part of the world, not just skipping over it. You have to make it fun to get around, think of how you move around the map in games like Crackdown, Infamous, the Arkham series (not asylum as much but they were getting there), and Sunset Overdrive compared to things like Prototype, any Superman game, saints row 4 (after you leveled up a bit, and saints row 3 after you got the hover bike).
    As cheesy as this is, you gotta make the journey better than the destination, especially since the destination in most of this is a few bad guys you easy beat and then leave.

    I’ve been saying this for years and I’ll keep saying it: four player co-op TMNT game in the style of the Arkham games (kinda like what Gotham Knights looks like if I’m not mistaken) where you can pick to either parkour on the rooftops or skateboard through the sewers. Not one super entertaining traversal system, but two!

  • BaronDoctor

    If you have a character that can win combats, give them objectives not about combat.

    Joker sets up a “trolley problem” and your job is to somehow manage to save both sides of it, which can be *done* but through skill and timing (send it down the slightly slower track, save the one person off the tracks, and then *surprise* Joker’s sending a second train down the tracks the other way and there’s no way you can get people out in time, you have to facetank the train.)

    Just off the top of my head.

  • Element_Liga

    I wanna see a game that simulates being Superman. I want a story sequence where he uses his laser vision and hyperfast thought speed to laser an army of some sort all through the head in an instant

  • Endrider9000

    Dunno, subjectivity is implied on top of devil being in the details cause if you hate Cape-stuff and Action-Adventures video game genre both will taste like doo-doo.

  • goodnew4me

    Sucks that you can’t play Spider-man on a PC, PS exclusive which sucks as hell tbh. I had Spider-Man 3 and I was having a lot of fun with the swinging, the swinging mechanic alone is so much fun but I won’t pay 500+ just to get a console that I don’t want to play Spider-Man.

  • austinll

    Make Superman a skill based game.

    Spam punches too fast? Killed the guy.
    Flew to fast and lost control? Destroyed a building, 50 dead.
    Didn’t watch where you’re going? Kryptonite trap, good luck loser.

  • KeelanStar

    “Superman can’t CATCH a break?”

    Superman not being able to TAKE a break sounds like the story line I read once in a comic that was called…. it wasn’t transmetropolitan, it was some sort of ‘city’ name…. Anyway, in it a knock off superman complained of hardly getting any time to himself. With his great powers he could hear danger all across the globe at all hours, when was he supposed to sleep? To date? to live? when every time he took a moment to himself, someone died? Good book.

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