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Subway: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Subway: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • BoogsterSU2

    Does anybody here absolutely hate their current “Eat Fresh, Refresh” ad campaign right now? 🙋‍♂️

  • spiritbearr

    Knew Community’s thing was going to come up but I always figured there was some obscure parody law involved instead of just getting paid for it and Dan being a deliciously salty bitch about it.

    Also didn’t think Duncan was in those seasons.

  • PetyrDayne

    Was not expecting to see Ben Kim (Isaac) in this but just like the elevator scene in Billions he was electrifying haha

  • thefilmer

    kind of a niche subject but a good one for LWT. when you think exploitive shitty companies, Subway is not usually top of the list

  • dylan2451

    Oh god, I had a physical reaction when she touched his face with her meatball sauced hand. I’d immediately have to clean my face with something

  • The-Colorado-Kid

    Man, I had not even thought about a subway restaurant in like 8 weeks. I’m not even sure where one is around here. I basically stopped going when I found out they ship the meat pre-sliced. I can go to Arby’s and watch them slice the meat which ends up on my sandwich.

  • Tommy-Nook

    Now I kind of want Subway, but I remember that the three times I had it over the past 4 years it was just horrible. The nostalgia is dead

  • Lunar2K0

    oh you think this is bad…come look at Dunkin’ Donuts in New England. Fucking EVERYWHERE. I can be standing on a block in Boston and have 3 Dunks in my line of vision with turning my head.

  • MrBoliNica

    my subway period was college. there was one in our student union, and i ate there way to damn much. havent had it since.

  • earhere

    I miss when you could actually get a 5 dollar foot long for 5 dollars. Now it’s like 8 dollars for a cold cut combo or black forest ham. Forget it if you want anything more advanced than that.

  • Sandy-Anne

    When this clip showed up on my phone on YouTube, I thought it would be about the underground trains in New York. I am much more interested in watching this now!

    I detest Subway. And I am a huge sandwich lover. How can you mess up a sandwich, one of the world’s most perfect foods?

  • Steamedcarpet

    I wish he would of brought up the napkins…no matter which subway you go too they will only give u like 2-3 napkins. Just trying to get a few extras to wipe down the table was a hassle.

  • Taste_the__Rainbow

    I lost like 40 pounds eating subway one time. Might do it again? I know their food is crap but if you’re trying to carb-load and you know you’ll sweat out the salt they’re not the worst option.

  • t-poke

    So for the Korean parody thing at the end, do they really build an entire Subway set for a 5 minute gag? There’s no way Subway would let them film in one of their stores. The amount of detail put into it is impressive, it really does look like a real Subway

  • nanoH2O

    Subway sucks but when I’m on the highway traveling I don’t want Wendy’s or Burger King or whatever other garbage is available and I do appreciate Subway being everywhere that one or two times of the year.

  • -RadarRanger-

    Quick shout-out to whatever legal eagle has to defend John Oliver’s show every week. They are truly the hardest-working lawyers in Hollywood!

  • TheBigIdiotSalami

    American comedy writers making a Korean drama that’s all slapstick is so funny I can’t believe they haven’t done it already

  • HeberMonteiro

    I don’t know about the US, but here in Brazil Subway is dead. The quality has declined sharply, the prices are high and there are fewer locations. They’re not even in all the malls anymore.

  • patrick119

    I hate Subway… but. If the tuna isn’t tuna, then what is it? It’s more likely that the tuna part is a bs claim from someone looking for money. As for the bread, that’s a specific tax law that categorizes bread as a staple food. So it’s bread by most definitions, but not this specific tax law. I would bet most white breads wouldn’t qualify either.

  • paniniconqueso

    Big props to John and his team for actually properly representing the Korean language. They got real Korean actors.

    I have a question for those who know the movie and TV industry. As a Korean, I cringed so hard watching the Korean lady speak ‘Korean’ in Black Panther. It was awful.

    At the time I couldn’t understand why a Hollywood movie with all of its hundreds of millions of dollars couldn’t actually hire actors who know the language. Is it that they *can’t* or is it that they just don’t give a fuck?

  • DeBatton

    The rest of that Hawaii Five-O scene.

    Kono: Weren’t we meant to be tracking down an escaped murderer or something?

    McGarrett: Nah, doesn’t sound right….. Tell us more about the 3-for-2 special on foot longs they have running this week.

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