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Strange World | Official Trailer

Strange World | Official Trailer

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  • MarvelsGrantMan136

    In theaters November 23:

    >The film chronicles the legendary Clades, mainly Searcher Clade who has always been a farmer and has never had the bravery of his family of explorers, but they are forced to tackle their latest and most crucial mission as they must rely on each other and forced to put away their differences while in an uncharted and treacherous land to find a special creature that awaits.


    * Jake Gyllenhaal as Searcher Clade
    * Jaboukie Young-White as Ethan Clade
    * Gabrielle Union as Meridian Clade
    * Lucy Liu as Callisto Mal
    * Dennis Quaid as Jaeger Clade

  • Wiger_King

    So it is kind of like *Up*: man who has never had an adventure goes on an adventure to a mysterious uncharted wilderness with a tag along boy where he meets a famous adventurer who turns out to be his childhood hero and befriends fantabulous creatures along the way and also there is a dog.

  • Dawesfan

    “Can you forge his autograph?”

    That one got me.

    The animation looks top notch as always. Only critique is that it doesn’t look like a Strange World at all. In fact, it reminds of of a human body a la Osmosis Jones, or even that Rick and Morty episode.

  • dagreenman18

    So kinda that Atlantis “adventure serial” vibe applied to a family story? I’m much higher on this than I was before.

    Strong chuckle from the “fan of your dad” bit.

  • matlockga

    Man, Disney sure loves giving away a big story point in the trailers lately. Some serious model reuse, but the tech looks great and the overall vibe looks interesting.

  • nightfan

    I don’t care what anyone says… this is the official “The Day After Tomorrow” sequel we never got with Jake G and Dennis Quaid reprising their father/son roles.

  • TomBirkenstock

    I really love the pulp sci fi look. I know that animated sci fi is a difficult proposition at the box office, but I hope the family focus of this trailer brings people in.

  • Impossible-Lawyer309

    >!Seems like the reveal of the father not being dead might not be as significant as we think, since it is put in the trailer. I think there will be some bigger reveal apart from that.!< Hopefully I’m wrong though.

  • Cellulum

    Disney Feature Animation has had the most boring stories for years now. Even the title is boring!

    They’re trying desperately hard to inch away from their “house style” of character design, and their solution is to steal design choices from Sony’s features (Hotel Transylvania, cloudy with a chance of meatballs)

  • shadowst17

    That was a pretty bad trailer… It looks decent but damn did that trailer have no hype or epicness at all and decided to basically give away the entire plot.

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