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Still loved every square meter of it.

Still loved every square meter of it.

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  • Cold_Astronaut1

    Wow, saw a similar picture of san andreas and the map wasn’t that small but it looked way smaller than it felt in game.

  • ---TheFierceDeity---

    Except this isn’t the vice city map, it’s a recreation in another game with different scale. No vice city wasn’t massive but it wasn’t as tiny as this image makes it out to be

  • Waste-Reception5297

    People need to realize big does not equal good. Look at any Yakuza game where the map is literally a God damn city block and it feels huge

  • Hollowsong

    The best part of Rockstar games like this are the attention to detail.

    Back then there was no such thing as riding a motorcycle in a car game. You bought a car game? You play a CAR game. Aircraft? Get the fuck out. You bought a car game you’re going to stay in that car and drive around and do EVERYTHING in a car (i.e. Crazy Taxi). Not GTA though.

    *My experience playing Vice City:*

    What are you crazy?? **There are motorcycles now??**.

    Oh sweet, I can shoot with one hand and drive with the other. Awesome, I can do a wheelie and see how long I can balance on it!

    Wait… there’s a PLANE in this game? AND a helicopter!??


    (People really need to understand that era of gaming. Just having a literal radio in your car in GTA 3 where you can change the stations and hear funny commercials was **life-changing** level of immersion)

    Like, that’s why games were awesome back then. It wasn’t so much the graphics but having new things you could **DO** in a game.

    Just think of all the basic shit you can do in games today: Shooting out the windshield? Getting into a car from either side of the vehicle? Hitching a trailer to a rig? Swimming (in later GTA games)…

    This was all NEW shit. Mind-blowingly incredible.

    The reason we all loved this map was because there simply WASN’T a game out where you could just drive around a map. At all. Period. Then adding all the guns and missions and easter eggs? It was a legendary game.

  • ThNecromaniac

    its a similar thing with morrowind, its so tiny, but compaired to the later games, the game has so little wasted space, that it feels so big…

    wasted space is an issue in modern videogame maps, and nobody is saying anything about it…

  • Sludgehammer

    That’s a modded Sims map. If you compare it to the actual VC map, you’ll notice that around half the roads are missing and the whole map has been heavily shrunk.

  • maximus_96

    If today they were to do a game with a map that small I fully expect to have access to every single building/rooms on the map.

  • F1incy

    Given that it came out 2 years after GTA3 and a year and a half before San Andreas, the Rockstar team achieved a hell of a lot in those couple of years.

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