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Staying at an AirBnB and my fiancé made me a temperature gauge for the shower

Staying at an AirBnB and my fiancé made me a temperature gauge for the shower

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  • AnneNonnyMouse

    My shower is like this. The tiny zone between 6 and 7 increases if I reduce the pressure but it’s one of those faucets you pull out to turn on so pressure regulation is possible.

    Edit: corrected typo

  • tdzines

    Stayed at an airbnb once where they locked the toilet paper and paper towels in a closet with a keypad. Had to ask for the code and they charged us extra. Same with the cable service and hot tub. That’s all. That’s the comment.

  • littledeebee1

    So funny! This is very precise! First one in our family to shower at an airbnb has to give the lowdown on the shower situation to everyone else.

  • orvn

    For anyone experiencing this issue, it’s almost always a faulty cartridge (especially if there’s a single knob/mechanism that adjusts the temperature).

    A cartridge is a special type of mixing valve behind the handle that blends the hot and cold water. They usually last for about 10 years, after which they start to get sensitive. The most common symptom is a slight turn causing a significant variation in temperature.

    Some companies, like Moen, offer replacement cartridges for free. In some cases you may have a older hardware for which a replacement cartridge is hard to find, so it’s cheaper to buy a new handle, or even a handle/spout/showerhead set.

    On many cartridges, you can adjust the temperature range during installation. This is done often to prevent kids from burning themselves with too hot a temperature.

  • Arrowkill

    I guess I’m more of a Brutal Sun Heat to Supernova Heat type of person. My wife is more of an Cold Tile Cold to Erected Nipple Cold type of person. We rarely shower together because her showers are freezing and my showers are scalding.

  • willworkforbrownies

    As a woman who loves to melt my skin, it would probably read more like: 7-Warm, 8-Now we’re getting somewhere, 9-Perfection, 10- Great for mosquito bites

  • DiarrheaTNT

    Back when I would dumpster dive hotels, we stayed in one while at Disneyland. Travelodge, I think it was. It was across the street and like $50 a night. A killer deal for Disneyland. So anyways I am reading the reviews. I will do anything but Roaches. I find this one review. Great hotel, but… The water is either Hell hot or Blizzard cold in the shower. Good enough for me. My wife gets up and is getting ready to take a shower. I hadn’t told her the bit about the shower. I’m like hey “Be careful in the shower. I read a review; it gets really hot and cold.” She laughs it off. 5 minutes later I hear her scream. I giggle, saying to myself, “No fucking way.” Anyways, long story short I end up taking a shower only touching the water when I absolutely needed to. Lol

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