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[Splinter Cell 1] Can we stop and appreciate these fish tank physics from 2002?

[Splinter Cell 1] Can we stop and appreciate these fish tank physics from 2002?

[Splinter Cell 1] Can we stop and appreciate these fish tank physics from 2002? from gaming

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  • lec0rsaire

    The physics and lighting in this game blew me away back then. It was the first game I fired up after installing my 9700 Pro.

    Apart from the NPC models, the graphics still hold up really well today.

  • ngp-bob

    Ah, the heyday of interactive environments. You used to see so many interactable sinks and toilets, now it’s a wasteland of non-functional appliances.

  • scyther34

    There’s a fish tank in one of the missions for “Ready or Not” that does the same thing. It made me stupid happy that it works when I tried it

  • commendablenotion

    Loved these games.

    I wish there was a modern stealth game with less “cheese” than typical games.

    I love the feeling of stealth games, but I hate stuff like:

    1. when you have tall grass that makes you invisible (and yet shorter grass that makes you immediately obvious even if you prone)

    2. Obvious choke points and then secret quasi-linear work around a (like perfectly convenient vent).

    3. Weird lighting dynamics where you are nearly invisible in a dark corner no matter what the rest of the room looks like.

    4. NPCs that don’t really seem to be aware of each other’s existence unless directly in eyesight? (“Hey, where did John go?!”)

    5. Clothes/color/camouflage means nothing.

    6. Perfectly silent silencers.

    ….many more.

    I would love a really big, multi room office building stealth game, Like diehard, with as much detail as the real world. And try to make NPC interactions and enemy AI really tight. That’s my dream.

  • BaconHamAndCheese12

    you could then lure someone in there and use a shock dart when they walked through he water and they’d get electrocuted

  • pbosf

    Back then when I was playing the game, I knocked down a npc in no kill mission and lay him in a pond. after a moment npc died in the pond because you know he is drowned. i was shocked with the detail in that time.

  • dugthefreshest

    One thing I’ll never let go unnoticed is Chaos Theory’s crouch walk animation.

    The fact Sam doesn’t immediately return to a default stand still when he stops, and instead will stop on a dime and stay in position was amazing.

  • PraviPero

    Someone had a long and fun week coding this in.

    There was no team leader cutting this from the development plan, nobody said this is useless, nobody was focused on the making a ingame shop. They just wanted to have fun making a fun game

  • SoapSauce

    Tech artist here! This is awesome! No physics sim required! It’s shader magic! When you shoot the tank, there’s a collision check that’s get the height of the bullet impact and adjust a value in shader to lower the height of the “water”. Then you just play a particle effect of water spewing out until the desired height value in the shader is met! These kinds of details don’t usually make it into finished games now days cause it’s a one off effect that you’d see once or twice in a game. It’s hard to justify to your boss.

  • mFcCr0niC

    Thia game was mind-blowing Back then. I remember walking with him through shower curtains back and forth just because it looked sooo good. Milestone.

  • MrStig91

    I used to blind purchase every Tom Clancy game, they were all awesome. Now they have taken away story mode in rainbow six and destroyed ghost recon by turning it into a 3rd person far cry. I’m pretty disappointed in them over the last 6-7 years at least.

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