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Space Force: Season 2 | Official Trailer | February 18 on Netflix

Space Force: Season 2 | Official Trailer | February 18 on Netflix

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  • MarvelsGrantMan136

    Greg Daniels on S2 ([Collider](

    >“Steve (Carell) and I were very much in the mind of not making it like The Office in the beginning, we were trying to make it very cinematic. And what happened when we stopped the first season was, we sat down and he was like, “Well, that wasn’t that much fun to make it that cinematic,” because when you’re shooting something like a movie, especially when you’re really caring about the look of it, there’s a lot of downtime while they’re lighting.
    >The thing that Steve is so brilliant at and was used to from The Office is the ability to kind of improvise with the other actors. Afterwards, we looked at what we had to work with, and we were like, “Well, the cast is amazing. The cast that we’ve assembled for Space Force, it’s a shame to make them just shoot one side and then wait and relight,” as opposed to like having a more flexible shooting pattern where they can play off each other and have fun with it and improvise.”

  • Madao16

    I guess it isn’t a popular opinion but I enjoyed the first season, yes it wasn’t great but they can improve the writing so I look forward to second season.

  • Knute5

    What a cast and production team. All the ingredients are there to knock it out of the park. Season one was a misfire, but I’m hoping they’ve course corrected and they kill it with #2.

  • The_Cooler_Guy

    Im looking forward to this one. S1 was a lil rocky, but I enjoyed the characters and hopefully they find better footing in this season

  • BillHicksScream

    A big disappointment. The satire is toothless, rendered by people too old and comfortable to create any meaningful bite. This is revealed by a bland *family issues!* subplot that takes up way too much of the story; too far removed from relevant satire, the writers fell into cliche.

  • r89capital

    First season was one of the lamest things I’ve seen with such a high profile cast. So painfully unfunny I think the star power is literally the only reason this got a season 2.

  • Smokeeye123

    Grinded my way through the entire first season just to have the authority to say that it is not a good show. Might give it a chance again out of curiosity and liking Steve Carell but it was quite literally a humorless comedy in season 1.

  • Icy-Engineering1583

    Yeah I think the first season was trying too hard to be this polished high class visually gorgeous event series despite the fact that it is at its heart an office based sitcom and they seem to have realized this.

    You can tell that Carrell has toned down that weird voice he was using in season one. You can tell they’re presenting it as more of a sitcom in lighting and tone than the first season.

    It’s funny because the exact same problem and solution occurred on the American Office with season one and how they retooled for season two and beyond.

    They clearly have this thing they want to pull off- an ultra realistic ultra serious and yet ridiculous work place comedy- and they just can’t get both to work in the same show and they always wind up deferring to the comedy over the self serious docudrama aspects. It was the right choice for the Office and it’s the right choice for Space Force.

  • Costanza_Travelling

    Loved S01

    Time for a rewatch!

    February is going to be spectacular: Raised by Wolves S02 and Disenchantment S04, too

  • Beingabummer

    Season 1 definitely needed time to grow on me. At the end, I was pretty invested. Carell’s character isn’t just a stupid idiot above his paygrade like Michael Scott was. Like, he’s obviously a comedic character but he has heart and can be competent in his job.

    The other characters also had a similar depth to them, some more than others.

    It’s also a lot heavier on the satire than The Office ever was, so jokes aren’t as telegraphed like they were in that show. It was more like Veep in a lot of ways.

  • thisissuchawaste

    25 seconds into the trailer and you can already tell it’s going to be the same daft, exaggerated, and cringy ‘humor’ as in season 1.

    Well, you gotta entertain the populace.

  • LargoGold

    I tried to watch this twice and quit after 2 episodes. Am I the only one who hears Steve doing a really bothersome deep/serious voice that is distracting?

  • Spartan-000089

    Okay THIS is how the show should have been from the beginning. Though I’m afraid this first season may have doomed the show because it’s a slog to get through and many won’t give the second a shot because of it

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