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Sony now owns Bungie

Sony now owns Bungie

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  • ItWasLikeWhite

    Still holding my breath about who is going for the real gold gose: Take-two

    Edit: Just checked the market cap of T2, and yeah, noone is going to pick them up.

  • bucket-of-milk

    Now I’m worried, Sony is much more likely to make exclusives. Destiny will definitely stay but I’m not a fan of how Sony operates with other companies. I own a PlayStation btw so don’t come at me for just hating on Sony

  • santichrist

    Bungies only real IP they have is Destiny, if you read the presser Sony say themselves they bought them to get Destiny 2 “and new IP” which bungie isn’t very good at making

    The only guy still making games at Bungie who was involved with Halo: CE is Jason Jones and he’s more of a manager now than a producer or director, that’s why this isn’t creating much buzz, it’s basically just Sony getting Destiny 2, and they likely aren’t going to make the Destiny ip PS5 exclusive they’d lose a ton of profit the same way Microsoft would making cod Xbox exclusive

  • DieMadAboutIt

    Sony doesn’t own halo though. Bungie doesn’t own that franchise anymore. They literally just bought destiny for 3 billion. 😂

  • Salva_delille

    There seem to be dark tomes ahead. Just when the console wars seemed to be coming coming an end. It just like a jar full of ants, they’ll coexist until you shake it, and they’ll fight not knowing they are fighting the wrong person. And it’s the brands shacking the jar

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    Second edit: was requested to put back the typos

  • Ruraraid

    I just hope these aquisitions stop at this point. While Sony and Microsoft would certainly be able to fix many issues with certain companies its arguably worse for the customer(that being us) in the long run if fewer companies own most of the industry. Its also bad for many gamers simply due to the fact it increases the problem that is exclusivity which is a **very** anti consumer tactic as it limits the accessibility of certain games for many who can’t afford buying multiple consoles.

    Oh and for the record on average Sony earns around 67 to 78 billion annually. Microsoft on average earns around 160 to 170 billion a year*(putting Microsoft second only to Apple for biggest tech companies)*. So both of them have a lot of buying power and the Activision and Bungie purchases won’t be the last mergers we see especially since Sony is always buying up game studios to pad their library of first party titles.

  • sav86

    If anything is going to show how misinformed people are about this acquisition, it’s these really dumb memes alluding to Halo now being owned by Sony.

  • Ras117Mike

    My question is … **Who cares**? Bungie is still an “Independent” studio that is allowed to do what they want with the game so…..

    >”I want to be very clear to the community that Bungie will remain an independent and multi-platform studio and publisher.” ~ Jim Ryan – President & CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment

    This console war crap needs to die. Play your game where you’re happy and get on with your life.

  • wearyarchon

    Its fine, afaik Bungie has no rights to Halo anymore (please correct me if I’m wrong I will admit I am uneducated on the details of copyright) so Sony basically just became captain of a burning ship.

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