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Sometimes, you just gotta give’em what their asking for.

Sometimes, you just gotta give’em what their asking for.

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  • ArupakaNoTensai

    More like a proof of concept. It doesn’t feel like a completed game. It’ll be the game fans have wanted for years in its 3rd or 4th iteration of this game type.

  • deadmanredditting

    For real though, the haters can take off. If you nitpick everything nothing is ever perfect. I’m so excited and pumped and amazed at just being able to wander around and interact with “wild” pokemon in cool settings. Like this is the first game (to me) that’s made it worthwhile to just go around hunting all the pokemon you can see. I feel like exactly the way I did when I was a child and pokemon red came out and I picked charmander. They did a REALLY good job and I hope they make more pokemon games in this same style.


    The issue is that we wanted this years ago, and this would have been okay then. The concept of this game is amazing, but the game itself is mid. The world feels empty and dead. Even genshin impacts world feels more alive.

  • IcarusGR

    Yeah for the first hour it’s relative good in comparison to the last pokemon games. But after that it just repeates the same stuff until it ends.

  • pizza_lover_234

    My only beef about the new game is I can’t walk with my Pokemon and send them to ambush a wild Pokemon to initiate battle with a move, like imagine sending them into battle by surprising them with flamethrower, and I’d also love to see environment damage to like lightning strikes and puddles

  • L2Hiku

    I refuse to buy this. Nintendo never wanted to make it. They just half assed some garbage and threw it together. Made it super annoying and hard to play for long periods of time on purpose so people would give it bad reviews and they can be like “SEE. We give you what you want and you don’t even like it. We ToLd yOu iT WoULd bE bAd. Now we will never make another one. Ever. Now leave us alone”.

    Like. They obviously didn’t try. No part of this is the same love and attention other games have. They never wanted to make it. They just did to shut people up. I’m not spending $60 on a ten dollar game. They know it’s free money cus idiots will buy it and defend them anyway but you can’t honestly believe they put any amount of work into this.

    Also there’s no argument here. You can’t look at a game like pokemon snap and defend this game. Pokemon snap and just make it so you can throw balls at Pokemon instead of take their picture would be a better game then Arceus and that’s a fact. It wouldn’t be that hard to do if they gave a shit.

  • MassLuca007

    Yah I don’t know if I’ll be picking this game up. It’s too much of a collect-a-thon. The literal only objective is to complete the pokedex. Like someone else said, this will be a good pokemon game in 1 – 2 releases when it’s a mainline game with gyms and elite four.

  • bushpotatoe


    It’s still a half-assed effort. Even half-assed efforts can be recognized as a good thing, but that never stops it from being half-assed.

    Nintendo willingly makes games of a lower quality to save themselves money, which in my opinion isn’t worthy of any business.

  • Dewdad

    I love this game. Legends is a step in the right direction and the biggest deal to me is how seamless getting into battles and catching Pokémon are. This is a game who’s objective is to fill out the Pokédex, if that ain’t your jam then you won’t be into this, but I got sucked in and I’ve spent 27 hours so far JUST in the first area. 27 hours and all I’ve done is beat the first boss Pokémon, that’s how much I’ve gotten sucked into the game and it’ll be another 5 hours before I see the next hour with the side quests I just picked up. I really hope this is the formula they go with going forward, I really really do.

  • MinnyCanuck

    I came to upvote and agree with this post but am noticing a lot of negativity and “yeah but…” in the comments. I find that unfortunate as I am having a ton of fun with this title. I really appreciate the new format that incentivizes me to actually ‘catch em all’ , and provides some actual difficulty for a Pokemon veteran.

    Hope most of you are really enjoying it like me and happy that there has been a step forward in the series!

  • blitherblather425

    I have never played a Pokémon game before but I think I’ll give this one a try. I like open world games and I like rpgs.

  • studzmckenzyy

    Alright, let’s not pretend that literally any dev team with their resources couldn’t produce something orders of magnitude better than they did. The Pokémon fan boys are the biggest white knights on the planet

  • DingDongS0ng

    I think people are giving it a little too much credit to say the least. It’s not pretty good, it’s simply better than the complete turd it was. The bones for a good game are there but it’s still got quite the long ways before it’s even remotely comparable to other flagship Nintendo games in quality.

  • Ajscatman23

    More like “When Pokémon fans have incredibly low standards and GameFreak will eventually make the open world Pokémon game fans have been waiting for maybe in the next 10 years, starting with a $60 proof of concept”

    and it’s OK.

  • Weihu

    My wife got on a kick to replay BotW shortly before this came out. So when it came out, she was partway through that.

    She started playing PLA, got a bit past the first lord, and is now nack to playing BotW. I watched most of what she did in PLA and I’m not surprised.

    The biggest shortcoming to me is how non-interactive the world is. No puzzles or anything like that. Just rescources to gather and Pokemon to chuck balls at. Honestly it seems even less interactive than previous titles where you at least had HM moves to interact with the environment.

    In its place you have grinding out pokedex entries mostly by repetitive battling and capturing.

    Maybe it opens up more later but everything I’ve heard is to keep expecting the same.

    I do hope they build on PLA in the future, and I’ll probably play through it myself at some point, but I hope next time there is more than catching pokemon to the game.

  • wicktus

    I think Pokemon legends is going to open the door to true awesome changes in the IP.


    Reviews are positive, players are rather happy (albeit many have serious complaints) the amount of QoL changes, open-world it’s great.

    But there’s this global consensus that it’s more of a first try, a 60 bucks proof of concepts and It’s a little hard to accept when it’s linked to a studio, a company that made billions of profit purely on video games sales (not counting the billions elsewhere).

    I think it’s fair to say it’s a great new beginning for the serie but I’m still disappointed by how, rushed, rough, sometimes empty and unexploited it feels, it’s **bittersweet**, that’s the best word I could find to describe it, but they need to strengthen the GF development team and give them more time…when I sum up my complaints I genuinely think the barrier between bittersweet and great could have been broken with few extra months of works

  • akaispirit

    I’m happy their making changes and trying out new things but for me I think it’s just too little too late. After Shield I feel like I’m pretty okay with leaving Pokemon behind. If they make another game that knocks it out of the park maybe I’ll come back. For now though I think I had a good run of things, been playing since Yellow.

  • JohnatanWills

    How much did they change? I’ve watched a bit and the only thing I see that’s new is being able to sneak up on and catch Pokémon. Aside from that it looks the same. Did they at least make the terrain you fight on matter?

  • VitalizedOfThe12

    Its not though lol. Its very unfinished.

    It should be a wildlife simulator with pokemon battles. Not like a 2005 mmo with mobs standing around

  • VanerMal

    The main problem with Legends is that it feels like it was shipped while still being in early development. This game has the quality of a fan made project of a single person who threw something together with the unreal engine in a couple of months.

    The world is empty, barren and honestly boring. Pokemon are tumbling around braindeadly, without any kind of meaningful interaction. No landmarks, no purpose and as always an underwhelming story. Nothing in this game feels alive at all. The idea of filling the Pokedex they way you do now, is definitely more fun than usual, but should have been a minor feature on the side for completionists, and not one of the main features of the game.
    I welcome the new animations and the implementation of fast/strong style and having the battles directly in the overworld, without taking you out of it, but frankly that’s not enough (yet).

    But it’s honestly still disturbing with how little effort GameFreak can get away with their games. This is literally the biggest media franchise in existence and still so little effort is put into it. People compare it to Breath of the Wild, but honestly, Legends can’t even hold a candle to BotW even though it came out 5 years earlier. Let’s hope more effort gets put into it and the 3rs or 4th iterations will deliver what it was supposed to be now.

  • Rushing_Russian91

    How do you define if a Pokémon game is good ? I mean the story is not important I guess. The gameplay is definitely. But what else is important in a Pokémon game ?

  • Fav0

    It’s not a full game mate

    It’s a breath of fresh air without most of the good gameplay as 90% of comp moves and abilities got removed

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