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Something something Splinter Cell. (Game is Intravenous)

Something something Splinter Cell. (Game is Intravenous)

Something something Splinter Cell. (Game is Intravenous) from gaming

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  • BreakerSwitch

    Anyone who’s into this, also check out Heat Signature! Top down shooter space sci Fi where you travel to ships to fill out contracts (ie: save hostage, kill target, destroy ship). Really wide weapon/tool diversity. Teleporters, melee weapons, ranged weapons with carrying levels of stealth, mines, grenades, and more, and even then there’s a ton of mechanical depth between each (ie: teleporters have a range and function. Range might not allow them to go through walls but be long range or short range but able to pass through walls. They might teleport you back after several seconds, or have to swap with someone or something. So you might use one to hack a turret in a room before popping out and letting the turret clear the room, or you might vent a room and swap places with someone threatening to space them. A ton of potential for “play however you want” very good game.

  • Stunning-Accident

    Im really like seeing these types of top down shooters that are similar to the hotline miami style . I bought a couple for the switch (police story< very lame>, hong kong massacre<i hate the name tbh>) when they were on sale, anticipating a similar experience to HM 1 and 2 but theyre both a little off and way too challenging for what they offer. The former has WAY too many rules for how its presented lol, and the latter has shit controls and no melee option but promotes itself like a no- holds-barred max payne ripoff. Both were under $5 on sale so thats prob why lol. They each suck in their own special way. Im hoping this ones good. Reminds me of Splinter cell for the gameboy

  • thisgamesux420

    I remember finishing this game around a couple months ago, towards the end I just gave up trying to be stealthy and went in guns blazing. Good game with good amounts of replayability.

  • Tillbe

    When the player turns on night vision at the end, why does it not light up the dark hallway and the enemy that walks in? What use is night vision if you cant see in areas you make dark? Seems like an oversight?

  • SverhU

    This game is great. But for me it has huge con. Game clearly meant to be played in stealth (gun blazing is an option but game loosing it charm this way). But dev made like 30 gun blazing weapons. And only like 2-3 proper tools and weapons for stealth gameplay.

    I even spoke with dev himself on steam in patch comments. And he said that he had no money and time to make more stealth weapons. And it sad. Cause game has huge potential. But when you have to play all levels with the same old throwing knife, tazer and silent gun (yes few types of them but still the same gameplay with them). It become repetitive very fast. While at the same time you have like 30 loud weapons that you dont use at all because playing proper way.

    But still i cant recommend this game enough. You will have at list 10-20 hours of fun gameplay before it will become boring and repetitive. And for such a price. it must have for any stealth enthusiasts.

    PS sorry for my english. Only my 4th language.

  • EternalStatic

    This is weird to bring up but it reminds me of the true lies game on the super Nintendo, looks and acts a lot better though

  • ShinyHappyMeeples

    Seems a bit like **Hotline Miami** with a greater emphasis on stealth, maybe not as lethal, and more “serious” graphics.

  • sentientlob0029

    Last year I saw an interview with the programmer of this game. It is a real stealth game and would be awesome on Switch.

  • GhoulslivesMatter

    Awesome reminds me of old-school Metal Gear crossed with Hotline Miami would totally be down for a Splinter Cell game in this style.

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