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SOLO Kayak Camping On Pristine Lake

SOLO Kayak Camping On Pristine Lake

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  • koalaposse

    Love sounds and sights of the kayaking adventure, good on you! Thankfully bit with drongo in speed motor boat/JetSki ruining peaceful was brief, but rest in this setting, natural sounds, cicada and ant studies, blue wrens jumping round, the light fall and night, huge goanna/monitor lizard, wild coloured insects, and waters edge just wonderful! Wonder where you can make a fire, without it being a fire ban or prohibited as usually is across Australia? And that silhouetted blob in tree, near outstretched lizard on the branch could that have been a koala or was it an ant nest or bee hive? Light through the grasses and views to water and walking, just awesome.

    Great adventure, really well put together!

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