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Shoresy – Cold Open | Who is the dirtiest player of all time?

Shoresy – Cold Open | Who is the dirtiest player of all time?

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  • BeerGogglesFTW

    Ok so Friday…

    I’m going to binge Shoresy during my work day.

    Switch over to watch the first episodes of Kenobi while dinner cooks.

    Rest of the evening, Stranger Things.


    I feel like I haven’t watched a lot of TV this last year, but I’m going to make up for it in the next 2 months (The Boys, The Orville, Barry, Peaky Blinders, Umbrella Academy.. and right now, I think Star Trek Strange New Worlds is the only show I’m currently watching and enjoying)

  • LupinThe8th

    “Your life’s so fucking pathetic, I ran a charity 15k to raise awareness for it.”

    “I made your mom so wet, Trudeau had to deploy a 24-hour national guard unit to stack sandbags around my bed.”

    “I made your mom cum so hard that they made a Canadian heritage minute out of it and Don McKellar played my dick.”

    The man’s a poet.

  • mmtmtptvbo

    “Fuck you, Riley. I took your mother on a lovely beach picnic and finger-blasted her so hard she released a 20 liter squirt directly into the Pacific like sea levels weren’t already rising at an alarming fuckin rate.”

  • SnooDonuts785

    This series is amazing, the only bad thing is I sometimes can’t understand what the characters are saying other that that everythings great

  • Malecite

    The Newfie character on this show is phenomenal as well, overall I’m thoroughly enjoying it, keep it up keeso!

  • That_one_cool_dude

    Of course, Shorsey’s number is 69 lol. I am so hyped for this show, being as big of a fan as I am of Letterkenny.

  • CrispinAvascular

    Big fan of Letterkenny but honestly I’ve enjoyed this show quite a bit more. Though could be recency bias. Always love them integrating real life players & TSN personalities too.

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