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Sade – No Ordinary Love

Sade – No Ordinary Love

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  • Honda_TypeR

    I always loved Sade music back in the day. Her smooth silky sultry voice and chill music pulls you in.

    Her genre wasn’t my wheel house at the time, but I still stopped and listened to her music everytime. I think it always said a lot about her talents to be able to bridge gaps between genres and have such a wide fan base. It’s almost like she is her own genre in some regards.

    She had so many hits in 80s and 90s

    Here other great songs from her that stand out in my mind are:

  • Chemicald90

    Love a bit of Sade.

    Interesting story about her cameo on MF Doom’s “Doomday”. She had to go by the name “Pebbles the invisible girl” because of studio contract reasons, and for decades people were trying to figure out who “Pebbles” was.

    A big givaway was the fact that the songs chorus was a clip from Sades “Kiss of Life”.

  • shadowboy_666

    After so many years it’s still one of the best songs from the 80s with one of the most beautiful voices ever.

    I love her voice and music.

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