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Richard Norman, 92 year old you tuber who’s channel blew up after being shared on this sub, has been blocked from YouTube.

Richard Norman, 92 year old you tuber who’s channel blew up after being shared on this sub, has been blocked from YouTube.

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  • Tormung

    I’ll just wait for the next channel that reddit sensationally blows up on popularity only to forget about the next day, I’m sure that will be extra quirky

  • MonkeyFucksACoconut

    He’s using karaoke software then uploading his recordings. Problem is that software has in the EULA that you can’t use it for video recording as the songs are copyrighted. Somebody made a claim and he got banned from uploading using the software. It is what it is. You can upload covers all you want to YouTube but you can’t use the actual music.

  • _Aj_

    So that’s not quiite the whole story.
    He can still upload to YouTube, the issue is he’s using a karaoke site for the instrumental tracks, which are owned by the website, then putting that onto YouTube afterwards.
    The karaoke site has (assumedly) said “that’s using our karaoke tracks, you can’t upload those sorry”.
    In another comment Richard had said his son is pretty cluey and is looking at another way for him to upload directly to YouTube.

    So the problem is he’s using copy protected music that he’s adding his vocals to. While this is totally innocent, it’s still just as much of an issue as you or I putting chart music in our videos.

    Hopefully he can work something out, or find a bunch of free use songs, (or maybe even buy access to a catalogue to use with some Reddit magic if possible?)

    I subbed to him when he first popped up and it is nice to see his face in my feed, he genuinely loves sharing his songs, so I do hope he gets something worked out!

  • ninjasaurxd

    Thank you for posting this! I saw his post on Youtube and it broke my heart – he’s been posting every day for a LONG time, and he genuinely interacts with all his followers, it’s clear that it’s something very important to him – I really really hope this works out for him.

  • SingSnap

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Rob and I’m the Product Manager for SingSnap. First and foremost, we love Mr. Norman as much as you guys and we’re so glad that he has such great support from his fans. We wanted to clarify that we have not blocked Mr. Norman in any way on our platform, nor have we reported Mr. Norman on YouTube or any other platform.

    We have never allowed downloading from our service, due to licensing and copyright laws, by which we are bound. Whatever method Mr. Norman used to download his recordings was not supplied by us, nor removed by us. Any method used to download videos has never been supplied by or supported by SingSnap.

    We love that Mr. Norman has so many passionate supporters! He’s a great singer & we’re happy to have him as part of our SingSnap Community. Our hope is he continues to record on SingSnap for many years and the more people who hear his voice – the better!


  • person749

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: modern copyright protections are evil and do more to discourage artistic expression than they do to help it.

  • b4ttlepoops

    Man this makes me mad. Like a giant company pushing my Dad around for a hobby he enjoys. Leave him alone. Consider it advertising. If you wanted your name out there, you could have sent a letter saying you need to say where the music comes from before you start singing… free advertising. Win win, what happened to finding the middle ground?

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