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Remember when MTV was awesome? A prophet speaks.

Remember when MTV was awesome? A prophet speaks.

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  • trc_IO

    Man, Leary squeezed so much blood from that stone in the 80s and 90s. It was the same shtick in everything he did for like 15 years.

    Now he’s your kid’s favorite character in *Ice Age*.

  • Jsnoooots

    His biggest but, “I’m an asshole ” was originally a bit by a young comedian called Louis CK.

    Leary watched him improv a bit about him accepting that he is an asshole and being ok with it. Leary went on next and had a few tags on CK’s joke.

    The next time he sees him, Leary is just doing the bit, like it was his, going on to make it into a song for his album.

    He looks like Ellen DeGeneres today.

  • SnuggleBunni69

    Prophet? Lifted his whole schtick from Bill Hicks who did it 1000 times better. Leary just packaged it in a way that the general audience would accept, which goes against everything it’s supposed to be about.

  • lutello

    Ug, MTV without VHS Hi-Fi. I have a home recorded tape of the first MTV Awards 1984 on VHS, the first year VHS Hi-Fi was available, but it’s long play linear potato audio. Too bad helical scan audio didn’t become common until VHS was practically on it’s way out, there are even some DVD/VHS combos without it.

  • exophrine

    I remember Leary stealing material from the actual great comedian Bill Hicks.

    Also factual: Leary stole the entire bit of “I’m an asshole” from Louis CK

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