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remember to put your wipers up so they don’t freeze

remember to put your wipers up so they don’t freeze

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  • epenninga

    Putting your wipers up like this is not recommended as it turns your wiper arms into a sail. There is a significant chance it will bend the arms causing them to subsequently cause damage to the gear system and motor that operates your wipers.

  • dacreativeguy

    Why don’t people cover their car with a tarp if they know a big snowfall is coming? Seems like it would make clearing the snow faster when you need to drive.

  • FeelDT

    This is actually not recommended since it put tension on the spring of the wiper, it will lose some strengh and the wiper won’t be pressed enough on the windshield.

    If you start your car for 2-3 minutes the ice will weaken enough to free the wiper without damaged. And if you really hate this you can put a sock on them.

    Edit: fact checked. I am wrong lift your wipers fellas!

  • ThatExile

    I wish people would realize that doing this will loosen the springs that keep the blade pressed against the glass and they will become less effective over time.

  • EnigmaGuy

    Damn wherever this is at make sure you keep the snow and ice there heh.

    It’s such a strange winter season for my area (Metro Detroit / Michigan). Even last year was pretty mild compared to recent years.

    Think I’ve only had to shovel once so far, usually this time of year the sidewalk and driveway is like a snow moat from having no where to throw the snow to.

  • LewdJaw1

    About a month ago, a tourist came to the ski town where i live. She couldn’t get into the driveway of her Airbnb because of some snow. So she leaves her car in the middle of a one lane road, blocking plows from clearing snow in the middle of the night. BUT she remembered to put her wiper blades up!🤦‍♂️

  • pointwelltaken

    Someone recently told me it is not good/hard on your wipers to leave them in this position and that you’d be better off leaving them down. Something to do with the springs or lever mechanisms, not in regard to the replaceable blades. Anyone have a professional opinion?


    More so wipers are not frozen in ice needing to scrap them free and potentially damaging them. Also no ice stuck for streaking.

  • bardwick

    it’s all fun and games until you fly home at midnight, find your car with 3 inches of ice on the driver side door/window. Have to chip your way into the passenger side with the belt from your luggage, to finally get inside and fire up your car to start the defrost only to find that your gas light is on, and, after further inspection, some asshole has siphoned your gas as your trudging down the road to the nearest gas station, hoping to god you make it with the 3″x3″ hole you managed to chip off the windshield, hit the wipers out of habit which then shatter completely, only to find the asshole left the cap off and there is 2 inches of ice you need to work through to get the pump in, and THEN discover, as you get half way home that you left a bottle of malt vinegar under the passenger seat which was exploded and froze, now a permanent part of your cars fragrance, finally getting home and the snowplows have created a barrier to your driveway so you run it up to thirty to get in the driveway only to end up teeter tottering on mound of snow at 3am and saying fuck it, i’m going to bed..

    So yeah, put your wipers up.

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