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Poverty in the USA 2021

Poverty in the USA 2021

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  • alrun

    Wealth and Income inequality make it seem like it is a emerging/developing country – its political 2-party system centered around fund raising makes it unlikely that anything might change for the lower halve.

  • ChaWolfMan

    The people of the Appalachian country wow. Support Trump and say unemployment is down….. but don’t work. “Helps other countries” but these people are all still living in poverty and he’s cutting their ability to get food stamps. Delusional

  • HailSatanHaggisBaws

    Why does the narrator refer to this woman as ‘middle class’? This makes no sense. This woman works two jobs as a cleaner and a carer – she is the definition of working class.

    What does middle class even mean in America?

  • Infintie_3ntropy

    Sorry to be insensitive, but for a lot of the people on food stamps, some saying they have to skip meals and have tiny food budgets, they are overweight or obese. What am I missing? (I am not american, I don’t know how the food stamp system works).

  • Robdotcom-71

    So glad I live in Australia. Yeah we have a homeless problem here too and lots of poverty… but nothing like this. Here, you get unemployment benefits that aren’t limited by time… $650 a fortnight.

  • Tenpat


    America is fucking huge and there are some really cheap places to live even today.

    Also the damn story about her nice house sounds like it was her husband’s nice house and she had nothing before the marriage either.

  • Pascalwb

    kind of weird all of them having nice new cars and living in them. Maybe sell the car, but something cheap and move out of the city.

  • h0nest_Bender

    > In southern California, the sun rises over San Diego Bay

    Well, the sun rises in the east, and San Diego Bay faces west. So…..

  • travis-

    love the redneck at 29 minutes that cant afford a hair cut talking about trump being a family man always having his family with him thats why he supports him.

    which family? the mans cheated on all of his multiple wives and has bastard children.

  • S4tisfaction

    Of course the worst, and least contributing members of our society are Trump supporters.

    He didn’t list a single political point, he is so stupid, and they keep voting people in office that will keep them in their trailer parks.

  • CoderInPhoenix

    I recently had to deal with an eviction. I had gone into the hospital for heart surgery. Lived in the house for about 7 years.

    I can never actually speak to anyone at the corporation who rents me the house, and I left 6 messages on their voicemail telling them that I was going into surgery and that I had assigned my sister to pay my rent from my bank account. If there were any problems, I could address them when I got out.

    While in the hospital and in a medically induced coma for an infection, the bank locked my account. This was because my name is not the same on my Drivers license and social security card. (this isn’t my real name) It’s like Dave vs David.

    I live in Arizona, and without skipping a beat they started the eviction process. I pay lower rent because I had leased in 3-year intervals.

    They sent a 5-day notice, then filed a lawsuit against me and tried to evict me.

    Once I awoke, my sister told me what happened. I got a lawyer and we filed a motion to dismiss, and I appeared via Zoom at the court hearing while still in the hospital.

    Even with all this, the judge still said that I had to leave.

    What saved me is that we discovered an accounting error in their ledger which was part of the evidence. I had, in fact, been overpaying rent and they owed me money.

    We filed an appeal and my lawyer also threatened to file bankruptcy on my behalf (which stops the eviction process). He also sent them a bill for his services and explained that he would counterclaim for overpayment, pain and suffering, and lawyers’ fees.

    The company didn’t respond and we went to court again. I won on all things and was awarded damages.

    The companies name is Inivation Homes. I settled with them for a lower amount because my point wasn’t to get money, it was to show that what they had done was wrong.

    Unfortunately, most people do not have the means to fight back.

  • yhpargotohpts

    No simple answers to the question of why. Generally speaking though, the cost of living + demand in the major metro markets, particularly in California (San Diego, shown in the opening, being a prime example) combined with stagnating wages over the last four decades and counting have led to this massive chasm. We literally have people GAINFULLY EMPLOYED who can’t afford rent in their metro area. And not just in one area, but dozens across the country. The bootstraps have been pulled so tight, the feet don’t have circulation. It is unconscionable that NOTHING is being done to provide people with a place to live. It is obscene.

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