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Phoebe Snow — Poetry Man [soul / folk] (1974)

Phoebe Snow — Poetry Man [soul / folk] (1974)

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  • Nagsheadlocal

    Way back in 1974 I was working as a stage hand while at university – a few bucks on the side and I occasionally met some cool people.

    Phoebe Snow had booked a show at our theater when she was unknown and as this song began climbing the charts we figured she would cancel. But she did not, she came as scheduled and did two shows.

    She was a wonderful person, interested in people and their stories. She took all the stage hands and roadies out for lunch one afternoon and we sat for hours, chatting and hanging out. She had a high, melodic laugh when she was amused. It was a stellar afternoon, one I will never forget.

    When I saw her obit in the paper I was truly sad, but not surprised she had given up her career to take care of a special needs child. She was that kind of human.

  • NewGameNancy

    I bought a random assortment of records off a fella last year. Something 400 records. Since he was selling them very cheap I thought I’d go through, listen to them all, throw out the duds and keep what I liked. This album was one I kept and quickly made it to the top of favorite-records list.

  • uberricelover

    My old roommate found this album in a vinyl crate for .99 simply because she liked the album cover. I was blown away when i listened through the album and ended up listening to it on repeat for 2 weeks

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