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Penny Arcade on Activision’s “Diversity Space Tool”

Penny Arcade on Activision’s “Diversity Space Tool”

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  • WatcherBlue

    They forgot to add an axis based on skull shape, so they can classify people that way for inclusion

    Edit: phrenology is bad. Hiring a diverse group of people and giving them an environment they can thrive in is great.

  • MacSanchez

    This made me laugh so hard that some Walmart brand *Juneteenth flavor non-dairy icecream style dessert* came out my nose

  • Lasdary

    wow! penny-arcade! that’s a webcomic i had forgotten about. I’ll have to get up to speed with like 6 years of strips

  • nsap200

    does it use ‘race science’ in anyway? i thought it was just a rudementary method of seeing how ‘diverse’ a character was by assigning points to things like being a woman, black, etc

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