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Optional my ass

Optional my ass

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  • barduk4

    She is tho 😐

    edit: guys, the fact that she is OBJECTIVELY optional doesn’t mean she’s a bad fight or bad content, being optional doesn’t mean being bad lmao what are yall smoking?

  • GrowCanadian

    It was just that damn blade storm thing that was impossible to block. My mimic took those hits like a champ for me

  • SenorDangerwank

    Ugh. Not me. I couldn’t even make it to Elphael. I absolutely hated everything about the Haligtree that I just gave up and went and finished the game.

  • Cerpin-Taxt

    Are people really saying she’s the hardest fromsoft boss ever?

    I beat her after she got buffed and it wasn’t that bad.

    Isshin the Sword Saint was way way harder.

  • AzemadaiusKaiser

    Literally any Optional Boss in a Game: ”You don’t have to kill me, I’m optional!!”

    Me: ”Fucc You.”

  • lovepuppy31

    To those who legitimately solo’d her I salute you. My ass had to summon Black Knife Tish just to barely beat her with an inch of my life intact.

  • GrandMasterEternal

    It’s always the optional bosses that you have the most reason to want to kill. Demon of Hatred had me stuck for a solid week.

  • jussumd3wd

    Idk if anyone needs to hear this but TIL you can beat the game and continue playing without starting NG+. I wasn’t going to finish the game til I beat her but this came as a nice surprise

  • Highroads

    In my friend group, there’s a guy who beat the game and vocally decided he wasn’t taking on Marika. Now he’s the guy in the group that didn’t beat Marika and remind him every time he brings up Elden Ring. This is how humans treat each other

  • requiemofchaos

    Having just BARELY defeated her on my first try, even while significantly overleveled and using the easiest version of the Easy Mode mod (yes, I’m shit; I was playing for atmosphere, lore and music, not challenge) – anyone who got through her fight legitimately has my utmost respect for that accomplishment.

    Also, it feels bittersweet to defeat Malenia if you’ve previously defeated Mohg, Lord of Pederasty. Being unable to tell her what happened to Miquella is depressing, even if it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the encounter.

  • Gyrovague_Greyling

    I considered every holder of a Great Rune non-optional as those are found at the end of fantastic Legacy dungeons, but I def don’t like to “100%” complete FromSoft games. I still dumped 120 hours into that game and now I’m bummed that it’s over lol

  • LauraTFem

    An Optional boss of an option dungeon unlocked by another optional dungeon in conjunction with with the blind luck of happening upon a suspicious-looking pot half-the-world away and clearing ANOTHER dungeon that the pot doesn’t clearly explain to you.

    Honestly, Malena and here entire quest could have easily been DLC, considering how much content leads directly to her. She may as well bd considered her own final boss.

  • CulturJammer

    Back in the day, the main enemy of OG of these games, Kings Field, was the utter slowness that you moved. everything else was a side boss.

  • GIlCAnjos

    If they are at the end of a big-ass area + unlock an achievement + drop a valuable item (Great Rune), then they ain’t optional

  • Wasphammer

    Listen, I don’t usually play these games, but if I can do damage to it, it’s going to take ALL THE DAMAGE!!!

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