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One of the best original composed soundtracks for a video game ever. I’ll die on this hill.

One of the best original composed soundtracks for a video game ever. I’ll die on this hill.

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    “So the game revolves around a fictional cult. And they gave me a copy of the cult’s Bible.”

    “They wrote a bible for the cult, yeah. And they gave it to me. And they’re like, absorb this. We want 10 songs that they would sing as their hymns.”

    “I wanted to make songs that make you want to join this cult and make you want to have this family. I wanted to make these songs relatable. And I wanted to make this cult feel realistic. If all the songs were like, (singing) we’re a cult, and we do terrible things to people… You’d be like, I’m not joining this cult. That’s crazy. But if they’re like – you know, if they’re singing about love and family, I mean, you’re like, this sounds great.”

    Quotes from Dan Romer, who was in charge of writing these original songs for Far Cry 5, I think he did an excellent job, along with *The Nashville Choir* in performing these songs. [An interesting read here.](

    This is on Spotify and I highly recommend the choir versions of these songs.

  • ricardo9505

    I won’t lie, I’m from NYC and I was frolicking downtown in my way to work singing “Keep your rifle by your side”. And that Help me Faith song I swear is a song for those in recovery like AA. Beautiful.

  • Phoenix_Thy

    And I love the game too. It’s one of few open world titles that got me addicted to the game.

    I was doing the same thing over and over again. But still couldn’t get enough of it.

    I don’t like any other far cry beside 5.

  • Saranshobe

    People say a lot of things about Ubisoft games but Most of them have banger soundtracks, all AC have great OST and many far cry too

  • mailmanmunson346

    The game itself is fine, but the soundtrack is easily one of my favourites ever. Definitely top 5 game soundtracks for me.

  • Bitfolo

    Hammock are the artists that made the music for Farcry 5. If you like the OST music you will probably enjoy their other albums. Highly recommend!

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