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OFFICIAL TRAILER | “Terror On the Prairie” | Gina Carano | June 14, 2022

OFFICIAL TRAILER | “Terror On the Prairie” | Gina Carano | June 14, 2022

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  • Safe_Ad4352

    is this the Daily Wire movie that’s supposed to make people feel bad that she was canned from the Mandalorian?

  • MulciberTenebras

    >Terror on the Prairie

    Let me guess… a neighborhood in Nebraska has a minority family move into it?

  • PieceVarious

    Okay, so I’m an old reprobate, but GOD here’s another new movie with that dreadful gray-sepia color palette. Colors existed in the Old West, even in winter. So the story’s grim, but the palette doesn’t need to be. That is what good writing and great acting are for.

  • VeganArmieHammer

    Lmao, this also stars Trump supporter/antivaxxer Samaire Armstrong of The O.C., er, fame?

    The Daily Wire really is a dumping ground for washed-up conservatives who failed at Hollywood, so sad.

  • Somnambulist815

    I know you already know its bad, but just watch the trailer. Carano makes the brilliant decision to aim a rifle INCHES AWAY FROM HER BABY because a snake is crawling up next to it.


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