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Nobody wants to DRINK anymore!

Nobody wants to DRINK anymore!

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  • Odd_Background_5532

    Upvote for the humor in the post,and if it was cheaper to go out to a bar these days then perhaps they would have customers but it’s just safer and costs less to drink at home

  • Shivshanks

    you couldn’t pay me to hang out in a bar.

    that shit was fine before the mask was pulled off of our shirt society. but now I understand that the person sitting right next to me might failed a covid test and then just went to the bar anyway.

  • littleMAS

    Frankly, drinking was much more fun when I was underage. Come to think of it, smoking weed was more fun when it was illegal, too.

  • BrilliantMistake

    IMO the problem is the bar atmosphere. I want to drink in a pub in comfortable seating with my friends. Not at a high top or a bar rail. Please, no TVs or loud music. All I have around me are fucking sports bars and “gastro pubs” with metal chairs! Pack ‘em in tables and chairs does not work anymore.

  • nick351

    Because bars charge to much. They are think they have Michelin star food and somehow your jack Daniels costs 3 times as much. Or I can buy a 5th for 25 dollars and go home safely.

  • FRD2015

    I guess lets just stay locked down forever. Unvaccinated cant go out because that puts them at higher risk for getting and spreading COVID. Also, vaccinated shouldnt go out because we also catch it and spread it with lower risk. Also, if youre vaccinated, you dont need a mask. Oh wait. Just kidding. You do.

    My family has done literally everything the experts have claimed and still got COVID. Its abundantly clear nothing thats been done is a full fix. Just a risk mitigator. Eventually we’ll have to accept its another virus to mitigate with a vaccine. Nothing more.

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