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Nobody | The Bus Fight in 4K HDR

Nobody | The Bus Fight in 4K HDR

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  • Thud2

    I personally wish they would stick closer to reality in shooting fight scenes. I enjoyed that movie but that scene is too over the top. Like “everybody stand around while he fights one guy then the next one steps up” stuff. breaks the reality for me.

  • LaserTurboShark69

    This was a fun scene but I found the rest of the movie to be pretty fucking bland. I was really hoping I would enjoy it more since I love Odenkirk and it was filmed in Winnipeg where I live.

  • Mister_Smelly

    Such an original movie! Guy with a hidden past living quietly in the suburbs somehow gets tangled up with the Russian mafia against his will, but uh-oh, bad news for the Russkies, it turns out he has unbelievable fighting skills and will mop the floor with those bad guys. The screenwriter should really have won a few awards for this effort.

  • PugnaciousPangolin

    There are great elements to this but:

    “I’m gonna fuck you up” wasn’t necessary. Just emptying the revolver is enough of a badass demonstration.

    I don’t get why he allows himself to take so many punches in the beginning. Is he out of practice or something?

    I don’t believe for a second that he could walk away from a stab wound in the stomach. That would need immediate attention.

    “Sorry about the mess” is WAY to obvious a callback to Han Solo’s line in “Star Wars.”

    It’s a good scene overall and I dig the choreography, but for me Odenkirk is a tough sell here, in part because his Saul Goodman persona is such a big part of his pop culture presence.

  • JediTrainer42

    People are knocking this movie in the comments. I liked it and I had fun while watching it. If you didn’t, then it’s a good thing there are a litany of other films to try next. I hope you will end up watching more things that you like than ones that you dislike.

  • drews_news

    I finally saw this on HBO. Always enjoy Bob Odenkirk’s work. It was nothing special but I enjoyed it. RZA and Christopher Lloyd were great.

  • NachoMarx

    Really want someone to interview Tobey Maguire and ask him about being a producer on this. I had to do a double take when I saw him in the credits. I loved the film, hope we get more.

    More Odenkirk is always welcome.

  • darrylthedudeWayne

    So awesome. Also, why is everyone hating on this movie. Not everything has too be original and have deep meanings. They can just be fun action films like this one.

  • QuestPirate

    Bob is one of my favorite comedians/actors, but this movie was pointless and dull.

    Everything felt so forced, and so shallow. I felt zero motivation to root for the main character.

    It was like a dollar store knockoff of John Wick.

  • Positive-Source8205

    I had to quit watching it. It didn’t make sense.

    Spoiler alert.

    Inside his house, he’s got the drop on the girl AND his son has the guy in a choke hold but he let them go.

    Then he went after them later.

    Didn’t make sense.

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