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No 🌴?

No 🌴?

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  • MrPatastic124

    You’d think Sonic fans would want something different than the same Green Hill Zone type level for the 50th time.

  • WindUpShoe

    I didn’t have a big problem with the environment of the game, but I understand the sentiment of wanting something… reminiscent of the Genesis era Sonic games. The art deco stylings. The chunky, animated flora. Some kind of combination of the latest in 3D open world environment with the visual trappings of those 2D games. I can almost see it in my mind’s eye, but… mmeh.

  • ArchinaTGL

    I don’t care about the lack of ‘traditional style’. I do care about how the rails, puzzles, etc make no sense at all other than “I put them here just because I felt like it.”

  • FlubbyFlubby

    Someone really saw the image on the left and said, yep that is an adorable mascot and not nightmare fuel.

  • t1sfo

    I will never forgive the Internet for depriving us from the sonic movie with the original design. I can only imagine the nightmares kids would have by seeing that lovecraftian monster. It’d be beautiful.

  • inkyblinkypinkysue

    LMAO I can’t fucking believe they were all set to go with that original design for the movie. Holy shit hahaha gets me every time.

  • Myrkana

    I think a open world style sonic game could be good, just not what they’ve shown. It’s missing something, feels like a demo youd show at e3 or something 5 years before the game releases.

    Give me a good open world sonic game with a Chao garden, let me race my chaos against friends or something. People loved the adventure games with the chao gardens, bring them back.

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