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New Rule: Along for the Pride | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

New Rule: Along for the Pride | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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  • pkg4u

    Every time we hear an old white dude say “everything isn’t about you”, we can tell he’s mad because everything was *supposed* to be about him, and this one thing isn’t.

  • Rocthepanther

    Wait. Someone tell me why I should be outraged at this. Only people who dont want to challenge their own beliefs please.

  • ocmaddog

    Assert that parents are cutting their children’s genitals off willy nilly.
    Rant against that ‘fact’ for 10 mins.

  • Good_old_Marshmallow

    New Rule:

    Dudes who think they can say the N word with the hard R, that young people are dumb for watching twitch, that it’s fine if female teachers rape boys, that the flu shot is dangerous, and that Milo is a young Christopher Hitchens

    Doesn’t get to lecture anyone about anything

  • TheGuineaPig21

    If in every medical controversy of the past 200 years you picked the side of “maybe let’s not sterilize people” you would have been correct every time

    There is going to be a wave of malpractice lawsuits in the future over this. Pretending there’s no consequences for messing with a child’s basic biology is disastrous

  • VolFinebaum

    Everyone here is talking about how Bill is out of line, out of touch and a straight white man trying to make it more about him. While in general, I agree with a lot of these points about him and other like him. But, I do think he brings up some good points. We seem to have moved very fast in this area and know very little. It’s become bigoted to say you’re in favor of trans and gay rights, but to say you think kids should develop first before they transition. I totally get where parents of these kids are coming from and they’re scared to death these kids might take their own life or something potentially worse. There absolutely needs to be more discussions on getting these kids the therapy they need to cope with feeling this way. Bill actually had a good point in that kids don’t know what they want to be at age 8. Not even 15 really. It seems like we need more education on this issue and somehow come to a middle ground. Like I said before, we need to pour resources into helping these kids while we have discussions about what is truly right for them in the long run. I think if the exact portion of the population wanted to be trans at say 18 years old, that would be more than fine to most people not in the Bible Belt (me included). The issue isn’t that the trans population is growing, but, I do believe there is an issue in starting too early. There is nothing gross, weird or upsetting about trans people at all. They are people just like anyone else. It’s just that we can’t seem to have any conversations on this issue to figure out what is actually best for our kids. We also don’t really have enough time to figure out how these kids have developed 5, 10, 20+ years down the road. I don’t think I have the solution, but it seems as though actual conversations cannot happen on this issue without being labeled a bigot.

    I am a very open person and am very open to hearing others thoughts and could overrule my current opinions on this matter. Would love to hear others opinions to my statements and (hopefully) have some honest and understanding discourse in this videos comments. I truly am not meaning to offend any trans people here as I think this is a lovely choice for you and I am happy for those that have found themselves and true happiness through their procedures.

  • deligonca

    “Maybe the girl who hates girly stuff just needs to learn that being female doesn’t mean you have to act like a Kardashian.”

  • a_phantom_limb

    Years ago, Bill Maher did a *Politically Incorrect* college tour that stopped at my semi-rural state university. This is a school where the great majority of students can only attend through loans, working part-time jobs, etc. True blue-collar Midwest stuff. And he condescended to these kids like they were trust-fund babies at Stanford or Yale, telling one girl that she was only there because “Daddy” – said in that smarmy, smirky tone he loves to use – was paying all of her bills.

    All I could think was, “Motherfucker, do you not have *any* idea where you are?” It blew my mind that he felt entitled to treat these young people with such extreme disrespect. Some months later, the university hosted a similar event and I thanked one of the guests, a singer who’d been on Maher’s show before, for not talking down to the students the entire time like he did. This singer told me that Maher treated most everyone that way and that they had no desire to work with him again.

    Ever since then, I haven’t been able to take Bill Maher seriously.

  • Kdj2j2

    Whenever someone talks about “the children”….it’s not about “the children.”

    Wasn’t that one of Maher’s lines years ago?

  • Drewskeet

    My problem with the video was he made it sound like it’s all trans. I’d like to see the breakdown in the lgbtq spectrum. Bi sexual is also lgbt and I think more people are identifying as bi. I love Maher, but he could’ve done a better rant.

  • Bionic_Ferir

    8% of trans people detransition and a vast majority of the time its due to family, friends, or other social factors bill maher CAN GET FUCKED

  • hazrat_unmad

    Bill Maher has been pushing Republican propaganda that COVID came from China. Now he is against LGBTQIA+ community. How much harm he can cause to humanity and not get cancelled?

  • guesting

    Most of the retorts here are versions of dismissing him as an out of touch old white man. Not very strong counter arguments.

  • Darklordcthulhu122

    Seeing so much mockery being made of the lgbt community and seeing just how many people agreeing really just…fuckin breaks me down man…i cant do it anymore…

  • MrBeerbelly

    Whoa this thread. It’s hilarious how the people supporting Bill keep getting upvoted for their blanket statements and demeaning comebacks, then they ask people’s specific disagreements with Maher and get absolutely owned by trans people and trans advocates.

    You all harping on this “it’s moving too fast” nonsense are literally just slowing down the gaining of rights for an oppressed group. How is this anything but conservatism in your minds? You’re all even doing the “common sense” crap Republicans have always done when they’re spouting harmful bullshit. Like just look at this thread… The pro-trans side keeps presenting well thought out arguments to your all’s same dumbass ‘concerns.’ How about you use Google?

    Your problem isn’t with activism; it’s with trans people and reading.

  • Pkactus

    oh. nothing like a dusty old white dude to explain how things in the world work.

    anyone who turns to tv suited idiots to have a good understanding of reality, is out of touch with reality

  • Whatatexan

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with Bill Maher. He went from off his rocker to sane almost overnight it feels like

  • jcb1982

    I know multiple people now (mid 20s to mid 30s) who “identify” as bisexual but have never had any sort of non-hetero experience. It has become trendy. Like identifying as a hetero is square or lame or even offensive.

  • mamabigtits

    “If kids knew what they wanted to be at age 8, the world would be filled with cowboys and princesses.”

    God damn.

  • HitchlikersGuide

    I love Bill, but I saw his latest special and it… just wasn’t funny.

    Same as Chappelle in his last outing, they both spend the entire time making social and political points and forget all about being funny. It’s a real shame, because comedy has always been a safe haven from the BS and nonsense, now it seems even that hallowed space isn’t safe from the culture wars.

  • jah05r

    Glad Bill is saying something about this. He seems to be the only one in the media on any side of this issue that actually wants to have a conversation about it.

  • mikepictor

    His entire premise is that a lot of trans kids are only trans to be trendy. Leaving aside the logic of jumping on a trend that makes you the target of societal violence, …. so what?

    Like, I just don’t care. If a kid says they are trans…ok. I don’t really care if it’s provably “real” or adopting a trend. I DO NOT CARE. Live your best life. Do anything, anything at all, to make you happy and fulfilled, so long as you aren’t hurting others.

  • infidel99

    Bill’s full of shit. In the last 40 years we managed to create a world safe enough for the marginalized to admit who they are and he comes up with this boomer shit to explain it. Fuck Bill Mahr.

  • bicameral_mind

    Great segment. Bill really nailed something that bothered me, that seemed to fly under the radar. And that was the the number of articles and opinion pieces I saw in the wake of the Roe draft opinion that were focused on its impact to the LGBTQ community. Certainly a part of the discussion, but it was odd to open the NYT day of and see so much focus on LGBTQ and not, you know, women in general and abortion rights specifically?

    Also I generally don’t find Bill’s jokes that funny anymore, but the opening bit about everyone being gay by 2050 was well done.

  • birdydame

    Think whatever you want of Bill, this is one of the most accurate pieces he’s done. He hit the nail on the head.

  • piscian19

    Im so thankful to have aged out of this debate. I dont have to have any opinion on LGBTQ+ or hormone blockers or, the pronoun rainbow or whatever is hot right now. I just put my little vote next to “The youth can do whatever they want” and go back to watching MasterChef and slowly becoming a tree like rest of the millennials.

    My generation wore JNCOs and listened to ICP, Im not sure we have a right to decide what kids should be doing anyway.

  • Far-Albatross-883

    Apparently this video hits too close to home for your average redditor – a group of people that say or do whatever is trendy to get the most likes and karma.

  • RupsjeNooitgenoeg

    I’ve always liked Bill Maher. I know Reddit has had a major hateboner for him for a while now, but I always enjoy his take on things. I don’t always agree with him but the fact that he is willing to call out craziness on both side of the aisle is increasingly rare and very necessary

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