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Nazi Flags At A Gun Show inside Pocono Raceway.

Nazi Flags At A Gun Show inside Pocono Raceway.

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  • mayormcskeeze

    There’s a lot of legit war memorabilia dealers at gun shows.

    There’s also a lot of Nazis.

    Hard to tell…

  • MFSimpson

    These same people say we need millions of guns to prevent another holocaust. They don’t even see the irony.

  • Cornemuse_Berrichon

    I smell well-regulated purchases inside. I bet all these guys can tell me the names of their commander and Garrison and where they train in preparation for which enemies, right? /s

  • iShoot556

    I have a nazi flag. My grandfather gave it to me. Says” captured, march, 1945, somm-where.”

    But these uhh… don’t look to be of any vintage older than 2021…

  • Enabling_Turtle

    Every gun show I’ve been too (all in south Florida) have had at least one guy selling a bunch of Nazi memorabilia (real and/or reproductions), someone selling the tuner diaries (right wing terrorist “porn” where people take up arms against the government), and at least one guy selling the “anarchist cookbook” (shows how to make common small explosives and other potentially dangerous shit. these are usually just folders with the pages printed out).

  • clarst16

    My home state of Queensland in Australia, has just banned Nazi flags and other symbols of hate. Something we should all do in my humble opinion.

  • fiddlenutz

    And on the table in front of them pro Trump and anti Biden flags with a no step on snek thrown in for good measure.

  • Childflayer

    Goes well with the Pro-Trump, Anti-Biden stuff they’re selling.

    Pro-tip: If people are displaying your merchandice side-by-side with Nazi shit, you’re probably not the good guys.

  • zugabdu

    My brother-in-law collects WWII memorabilia. Nazi gear is the most expensive and sought-after, and among that category, SS gear is the most prized. I feel like this guy lives in that same ecosystem.

  • iamrancid

    As someone who has collected WWII memorabilia for years, there are some signs that they are actually Nazis. These signs wouldn’t mean much if it was just one or two, but they hit so many of them.

    The modern political flags: A WWII collector isn’t likely to sell a “Fuck Biden” “Trump 2024” flag.

    The Nazi flags hanging up: They are modern replicas. The one on the right is the Nazi Battle flag. Not a common flag from from the war but popular among Neo-Nazi’s. The one on the left is sideways, as it should hang like a flag(a collector would know this).

    (Can’t confirm from this picture but appears to apply here) There isn’t a single item on display from Japan.

    The Nazi memorabilia is for display: whether it’s for the booth or sale, if it was made after 1945, it’s for show. All real memorabilia was made 80 years ago. It won’t look new. Even if it sat in a box, never touched, things were made differently and will be obvious. If nothing is old, they aren’t collecting, they are displaying.

    Dude’s a Nazi.

    Also, Nazi memorabilia sells better so there are plenty of people who only deal in Nazi memorabilia. Doesn’t automatically mean they are Nazi’s, however those people don’t buy replicas.

  • Heres_your_sign

    There’s nothing quite as threatening to a Jew as Nazi symbols. Without needing to make up bullshit, I could reasonably be in fear for my life.

    Which state doesn’t obligate you to deescalate for stand-your-ground? Wisconsin?

  • TheCaptainDamnIt

    Every gun show and rural flea market seems to have a nazi or two selling nazi shit. Amazes me, and frankly says a lot about our ‘gun culture’ with how much gun nuts tolerate it.

  • DudeWithAnAxeToGrind

    Pro-tip: You’ll never ever see Democratic Party themed shit being sold on the same table that sells Nazi flags. Enough said.

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