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Nazi flag during freedom convoy protest at Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada.

Nazi flag during freedom convoy protest at Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada.

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  • TahitiJones09

    It’s insane to me that these people have no problem with symbols of hate and genocide, but feel they need to censor the word Fuck.

  • Schrapel

    As a German I have to say that this gives me very strange feelings.

    In my country it is unconstitutional to show this flag in public and you will be punished for doing so.
    Even as a right-wing extremist, would you want to be associated with a regime / an ideology that killed 6 million jews, caused one of the biggest conflicts in human history (leading to at least 60 million casualties) and that plunged an entire nation into ruin..?

  • TheCrazyAssCat

    I don’t get it. What are they trying to accomplish with this? Nazism is the opposite of freedom, and they were probably the worst faction in the last hundred years, maybe ever even

  • Warrior253

    How can you say you are fighting for our countries freedom when you fly a nazi flag. Canada had around 45000 casualties in the second world War fighting nazis. This is a disgrace to our country and those who have fought and died to protect her ideals and her people. I just can’t believe that we still have to deal with this stupidity.

  • thekajunpimp

    As a citizen of this city and the country that I love, this is not representative of the vast majority of us. This is garbage,plain and simple.

    Sometimes I truly feel we are doomed as a race

    Edit: I meant species !!

  • fluentinimagery

    Flag of a former British colony.

    Flag of former colony that defeated the British.

    Flag of a fascist regime defated by the previous 2 flags together as allies???


  • Templer5280

    Here is what I don’t get .. I have heard several claims that the “left” is becoming the new Nazi Party because they have socialist beliefs etc ..

    Yet we have seen numerous conservative events where the Nazi Flag is on display?!?

    Pretty hard to call someone else a Nazi when you are hold the fucking flag

  • -Aone

    Do you ever think about how somebody who one day attends a history class have a laugh followed by shock when they learn that one time all of humans came together to defeat a specific enemy, and then 50 years later we started doing that again? God we make such idiots out of ourselves

  • Formerlurker617

    People asking for more “freedom” carrying Nazi flags..who’s going to tell them?? Umm Bubba.. hey a.. fun fact.. there is zero freedoms under a facist regime like the one you are harkening back to.

  • lolitstrent

    It fucks me off that these people always try to use other movements to push their shit ideas forward. More people on the right need to denounce and kick these fuckheads out if they want their points taken seriously.

  • thecwestions

    The Nazi flag I get from this crowd, but the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag? In Canada? It would seem that these people have difficulty understanding context.

  • TheFireHallGirl

    This makes me angry. I don’t live in Ottawa, but I do live in the same province. I also have eight family members who are veterans for Canada, the US, and the UK. Four of them fought for Canada in WWII.

  • TrayusV

    Dear the rest of the world, please don’t judge the great white north for this.

    We literally all hate these people. They desicrated a war memorial, then did the same to a statue of the greatest Canadian hero, Terry Fox. Literally no Canadian who has at least 6 brain cells supports these people.

    Quick history lesson. Terry Fox lost his leg above the knee to Cancer, so he slapped on a prosthetic, went the the Eastern edge of Canada, and started running towards the western edge, hoping to collect $1 from every Canadian to be donated for Cancer research. He never finished his run because his Cancer returned and killed him.

    This is a guy who would be immunocompromised and is known for raising money to fight against a deadly disease. And these people put signs in his hand trying to support an anti vaccine stance.

    There are many people in Canada, and we all hold many, many different beliefs. But despite any differences we have, we all support and respect Terry Fox. You don’t fuck with Terry Fox or so much as say anything bad about him.

    You know how Americans worship the founding fathers? Multiply that worship by 100,000 and that’s how high we hold Terry Fox.

  • Sleepybulldogzzz

    German saying : if there’s a Nazi at the table and 10 other people sitting there are tolerating them, then you have a table with 11 Nazis


    Take whatever side you want on this trucker convoy bullshit but my grandfather and his brothers didn’t put their lives on the line during World War 2 so these idiots could parade across the country comparing the public health measures in place to the holocaust. I’m ashamed to say this happened in our country today and shame on anyone who has associated themselves with this crowd. I don’t support much of what the Federal Liberals have done in this country and the conservative leadership is just a little too cozy with the far right but it is not ok for these people to parade around the streets of this country with the nazi flag! You are an embarrassment to this country and I am sickened by what this picture represents. 😢

  • BootsRubberClumsy

    The fact that no one went and punched these nazi POS out is ironic considering how much they all seem to love “freedom” and “fighting for it”. Cowards.

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