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Milton Friedman – I, Pencil – YouTube

Milton Friedman – I, Pencil – YouTube

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  • Albert_Flasher

    The free* market.

    *does not apply to the indigenous people who claim land colonized by a foreign power, who sent over slaves to harvest the natural resources including lumber, all the while selling them on the European market for huge profits, then after the violent suppression of slave revolts and indigenous uprisings became less effective, the former colonizers continued to own the export companies and proceeded to pay pittance in wages and taxes to the independent nation robbed of its wealth.

    That’s why the wood of the pencil is so cheap! It grows on trees!

    Tune in next week to see how factories and offices turn to automation to suppress wage growth while claiming that the only way to get ahead is to work harder for less pay else you’ll get replaced by a machine. Watch til the end to see how the FREE market gaslights employees and intimidates union organizers with everything from stalking to mass shootings.

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