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Mike Myers Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters

Mike Myers Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters

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  • OrganicBridge7428

    I had no idea the Pentaverate was something that existed back in 1993 with his film So I married an ax murderer.

  • jnards007

    I want a Lifetime movie biopic on the life of Mike Myers where some poor actor has to play Austin Powers/Love Guru/Cat in the Hat on a Lifetime movie budget.

  • DirkBabypunch

    Anybody see Older Whiter Man in the Pentaverate and is reminded of Sandy Toksvig? Just the way he speaks and the way he moves or something.

  • DonCreech

    It’s past the point of relevance, but I always wanted a Wayne’s World 3 set in the mid to late 2000s. Wayne and Garth are now middle-aged metalheads, having to deal with a changing music scene, as well as the rise of online influencer culture. They did a couple of skits over the years, so a fair compromise, but the SNL movies outside of these two weren’t exactly gems, so I get why it didn’t happen.

  • jonsbryhill

    mike myers sure is some nostalgia, stemming mostly from waynes world for me. watched both movies so many times as a kid, we had them on vhs and i wore those out lol

    seen that video yesterday already and i also didn’t know the pentaverate originated in so i married an axe murderer. i’m three episodes into that show and it’s complete nonsense but i love how it makes fun of the alt right conspiracy crowd. also soundtrack by orbital, absolute legends of electronic music!

  • HippoGiggle

    Love this, love Mike. But a bit surprised he didn’t say anything about Chris Farley during the Shrek piece… Maybe it was cut

  • the-real-a

    C’mon, your most iconic role was Cat in the Hat!

    I think if you charted those views vs Axe Murderer, Cat would out score 100 to 1 !

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