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Mfw no more crossplatform

Mfw no more crossplatform

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  • Brush_bandicoot

    Steam it the one to profit from all of this since, both Sony and Microsoft games will be on Steam at some point. Sony pushes more and more to PC market and Microsoft already release everything on the platform as well.

  • Khalme

    I feel like PC gamers are getting the best deal out of it. Sony exclusives are a bit late but playable at high frame rate, gamepass is great value (for now), and still too many indie games and others 3rd party titles.
    GPU pricing is still really really really awful though.

  • Pinossaur

    It’s sad honestly, to buy out the competition to increase the sales on your out of stock and scalped consoles, and subsequentely their almost mandatory services, like PS plus, so that you actually unlock what you payed for previously.

    Things like that should be illegal, you shouldn’t be able to buy out a game company, just to remove it from your competition.

  • LordJebusVII

    Everyone crying about exclusives when Microsoft are basically abandoning console hardware and moving everything onto the cloud right now. Xbox is being replaced by Gamepass and that is available on your phone, PC and soon smart TVs and I’m sure they’d love to get it on Switch and PS5 too if they could.

    Sony and Nintendo will stick to their dedicated hardware model while Gamepass will be available on your fridge.

  • OShaunesssy

    Honestly if I compare the quality of games released in the past 2 years, I’d wager the exclusive ones average in much higher reviews

  • riskbreaker23

    Sony has insisted (and Bungie has also verified) they won’t make their games exclusive.

    Now Microsoft on the other hand… Not sure why you guys are even comparing the two. Microsoft is on a whole other level with the exclusive shenanigans.

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