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Metroid next?

Metroid next?

So I got my buddy’s kids really hooked on the Zelda world with successive Christmas gifts. So because of that they bought totk back in May when it came out, and I cant buy that for this coming Xmas obviously. There was some chatter about a dlc for it but that’s not haps?

Anyway. What do you all think about Metroid?

For context, I’m in my 40s wishing I could relive playing titles like Zelda and Metroid but I now get to gift it upon a new generation who are becoming 10 & 13.

For the Nintendo switch, which Metroid would be good? I don’t think fps is something their parents would be too happy about, so old school side-scrolling. Like the very first NES game! But modern.

Or, what would be best in your opinion? Is there a better option for a kid who craves more Zelda for his Switch where there is none? I wanted to get to a Final Fantady series but I’m concerned they’re too thick these days. I played NES FF1 when I was like 8 and it was the best thing ever, but they’re very different now.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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