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Marlowe (2023) Official Trailer.

Marlowe (2023) Official Trailer.

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  • Comic_Book_Reader

    >MARLOWE, a gripping noir crime thriller set in late 1930’s Los Angeles, centers around a street-wise, down on his luck detective; Philip Marlowe, played by Liam Neeson, who is hired to find the ex-lover of a glamorous heiress (Diane Kruger), daughter of a well-known movie star (Jessica Lange). The disappearance unearths a web of lies, and soon Marlowe is involved in a dangerous, deadly investigation where everyone involved has something to hide.

  • MrDudeWheresMyCar

    A Walk Among the Tombstones was one of my favorite Neeson-led projects in the last decade or so. Going into this trailer that was what I expected. Unfortunately it looks like more Neeson action stuff, which I do like a bit more than most, but he’s beating it to death.

  • iammachine07

    This looks like a parody of a hard boiled detective mystery.

    I’ll still watch it but I was hoping for more of a subtle, neo-noir feel rather than a Liam Nesson action movie.

  • Mildly_Irritated_Max

    This trailer gave me whiplash, bouncing between looking like an actual, interesting project and generic Liam Neeson geezer feature action flick #37. I’m *hoping* it’s an interesting film and in the trailer the action scenes are cut like this to suck in the geezer feature fans but I’m worried it’s the other way around – a generic geezer feature wearing the drapes of a film noir.

  • frightened_by_bark

    Just started reading Chandler’s books and can’t say this trailer nails the depiction of the character from my head. But Jordan is a talented director and Monahan is a talented writer so I’m hoping this is just one of those trailers playing to a wide audience but the movie will be slightly different

  • NewMasterpiece6271

    I like the line in the trailer, “I am a private detective… with a very particular set of skills…”

    Was that in the book?

  • Deepcrows

    This is maybe the worst casting for Philip Marlowe yet…

    Crazy to think that this is somehow supposed to be a sequel to The Long Goodbye

  • Graverobber

    Phillip Marlowe is my favorite fictional character, a man who lives unflinchingly by his moral code and is appalled by the dreck that he associates with due to his career choice. This does not seem to be that character.

  • RDeschain1

    that was a horrible trailer. The sounds, the images, the dialogue, the acting. Everything felt off.

    Did they repeat the same line three times in this trailer? and added another line that was basically the same?

  • poland626

    This looked so cheap for some reason, is that just me? Like a Public Enemies style knockoff or something? maybe it’s the lighting

  • ranch_brotendo

    This looks cheaper than I expected- when I heard of this project I thought it was a big budget movie not a weird straight to dvd one

  • TaserWieldingBear

    “I’m not afraid.”

    “You should be.”

    I cannot fathom why this line is ever written let alone constantly featured in movie trailers. It’s the most cliche reply imaginable.

    Then the followed up with the classic “We all have our secrets.” Ffs.

  • BookkeeperBrilliant9

    This movie seems to break the cardinal rule of detective noir films: the main guy is a down-on-his-luck loser. And if he’s not, he certainly has to be taken down a peg.

    You can’t be cool, suave, successful, *and*go around beating up schmucks half his age. It just doesn’t work. There’s no arc.

    Think Chinatown — Jake is the best private eye in town, and he gets his ass best and his nose cut in half.

    Or Who Framed Roger Rabbit? — Eddie is a washed up drunk who finds himself again in a big case where he’s working for what’s right, not for money.

    Both of these have arcs. Liam Neeson tough guy revenge movies don’t. Shame.

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