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Mad Show Boys – Gooooogle Girl [Pop] (2018)

Mad Show Boys – Gooooogle Girl [Pop] (2018)

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  • cabebil

    Sometimes you just stumble upon a jewel. I was listening to random songs and [this funny-sounding song]( caught my ears. Even though I can’t understand shit of what they sing, just that silly chorus with the random gibberish made me lol.

    Then I decided to rummage through their profile on Spotify, and most of their songs are in what I guess is Russian. But then [I found an album of them]( that is entirely in English, and that’s where I found this gem. The lyrics made me laugh my ass off rofl. 😂

    There’s also a song on the album where the dude sings about his female neighbour “weez uh beeg moostache” lmao. I wish I spoke Russian, I bet their other songs are also funny af.

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