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look what I found in my back yard! [OC]

look what I found in my back yard! [OC]

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  • kvh1001

    It’s mother has just been ruthlessly hunted down. You must now teach this doe about the dangers of hunters. Hopefully you can also find a rabbit and name in Thumper.

  • TK_Nanerpuss

    This is an awesome photo. Congratulations, your yard is now a nursery!

    Fawns are taught to stay in the hiding spots that their moms find for them, until their moms come back for them. At this age they mostly sleep through the day.

    Because deer eat vegetation, the does must continually eat in order to produce milk for the babies. So they put there babies to bed so they can go graze.

  • jwhoyt

    We found one 2 weeks ago and called animal control because it was nearly 100 degrees out. They said to leave it, don’t try to help it. It happens a lot this time of year, the mother’s drop them down, gets spooked by something and takes off. There is a chance she’ll come back for it but if you go and mess with the baby, it’ll spook her and she won’t come back.

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