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Little house on the shopping centre

Little house on the shopping centre

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  • justavtstudent

    This has got to be in Turkmenistan or DPRK or some shit.

    Edit: It’s in eastern Hunan…weird. I wonder if they’re like model homes to advertise moving to the suburbs?

  • RyanTitsworth

    I know the are supposed to be offices for the developer’s and real estte management employees, but this would be a neat perk for working at the mall.

  • WheezilyAgonize

    I am pretty sure they are just model homes, they do the same thing in Japan.

    You can visit the model-home shop in the department store then head up to the roof to see them with your own eyes. Pretty neat idea if you ask me.

  • Andryha31

    I would love to live like that. Central living, a yard, and it is a house.. Almost impossible to find otherwise.


    Massive con would be getting furniture up there, but since it is on top of a mall, it’dn’t be so hard I guess.

  • rednecksharkbit

    I can only imagine how difficult it is to get your groceries up there. But then I think of what do they do with their trash?

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