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Lingua Ignota — Woe to All [industrial/classical/doom] (2018)

Lingua Ignota — Woe to All [industrial/classical/doom] (2018)

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  • hedbangr

    At first I was going to say “lots of sound and fury signifying nothing” but that seems unfair to Shakespeare so let’s go with: all style, no substance, yawn.

  • Dong_World_Order

    Her stuff isn’t for the impatient but I really like it when in the mood. Cool to see what is, basically, 20th century art music getting so much mainstream attention. This is the kind of stuff orchestras should be using to extend their audience reach.

  • el_horsto

    I would maybe start with a more accessible song, like All bitches die or DO YOU DOUBT ME, TRAITOR, but yeah: Lingua Ignota is AMAZING!!!

    CALIGULA fucked me up, I barely listened to anything else for weeks. Then added All Bitches Die to the mix 🙂

  • iranoverstonecold

    I had quite the vivid experience while listening to this song last year.

    I had gotten into it with a girl that I was seeing at the time and I knew it wasn’t going to end well. In a depressed state, I ate an edible, downed some liquor and cranked this song up to 100 on the speakers while laying in bed in my darkened room.

    I closed my eyes for a split second and was awoken by giant footsteps off into the distance shaking my bed in sync with the drone noises at the beginning of the song. These steps got louder and louder as the song progressed. My body was paralyzed but my eye shifted to the sliver of light that was seeping through the shut door. That door opened up as soon as the drone noises stopped and the classical piano came in and lit up my room.

    I was at first happy and relieved that I was no longer in the darkness but those feelings went away as soon as the singing started. The beautiful voice that came out of Kirsten’s(lingua ignora) mouth hurt me more than any weapon could. Those words pierced me to the very core and left me for dead.

    The darkness began the consume the room once more as the loud drone sounds from the beginning we’re fading back in. Her presence, even though was now long gone, was somehow louder than before and felt like an eternity before it finally went away.

    That girl broke up with me the following day. I’m long over it but the song, the experience and those words, “woe to all”, have had a lasting impression on me.

  • gatesofflorida

    There was at one point like a few weeks to a month where I listened to this album almost every day. I love it and it is her best release.

  • pilotlight

    I went to high school with this lady and was pretty good friends with her. She was super unique, sensitive and an incredible musician from the first moment I knew her. We got suspended together in middle school because she gently pushed me, I tripped over a backpack and landed on a temporary fence that caused a massive series of fences to topple like dominos.

    Her pops was an incredible musician as well, and owned a ton of guitars that HS me was obsessed with. I remember hanging out in her living room and I mentioned being a huge beatles fan. He pulled out an acoustic, tweaked it to some obscure tuning and played ‘within you / without you’ with a slide. the song is normally played on the sitar. being able to make that sound from an acoustic is nuts!

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