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Last year the CIA uploaded this insane recruitment ad

Last year the CIA uploaded this insane recruitment ad

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  • Rachewbacca0521

    I’ve never felt ashamed of being a woman or thought that what I am is a result of a patriarchal expectation. It’s sad that this idea is being pushed on young women. Just like what you like and be a good person and stop with all this nonsense!!!

  • Newtracks1

    I would much rather have heard about how she “earned her way into the C.I.A.”, than this two minute diatribe about her completely imaginary persecution complex.

  • pooloo15

    The title of the video is “Humans of CIA”

    I think they just slipped that there are non-humans working there too. I want to see that video

  • mooseofdoom23

    We πŸ‘ need πŸ‘ more πŸ‘ women πŸ‘ and πŸ‘ minorities πŸ‘ kidnapping πŸ‘ and πŸ‘ experimenting πŸ‘ on πŸ‘ civilians

  • bruyeres

    I remember the days when, if you spoke about great you are, people would say you have an inflated ego, are stuck up, have you head up your own ass, etc. Now you can have a two-minute commercial where you ramble about how great you are and people are like, “Yass, queen.”

  • Dirigio

    Maybe I’m just thinking of the Hollywood version of the CIA, but it just seems weird to have a recruitment ad for an agency who’s public image is that of secrecy to have an agent bare all her personal stuff that has nothing to do with her job.

  • EddoKenedo

    When I got taken to a CIA black site and tortured, I was so relieved that the person torturing me was a neuro-divergent, pan-sexual, nonbinary person of color.

  • Anglicanpolitics123

    See people don’t get it. In the 50s and 60s when the CIA was destabilising and overthrowing governments in Iran, Guatemala, Chile, the Congo and other places what was missing was simply the fact that it wasn’t woke enough. If we simply just woke wash it then things will be much better.

    After all doesn’t everyone see. In places like Guatemala and El Salvador when you had CIA trained death squads that murdered thousands, what was missing was rainbow flags, trigger warnings and feminist quotations from “The second sex”.

  • rividz

    “I’m a cisgender millennial with generalized anxiety disorder” .

    If you tell the CIA you have any sort of mental illness they don’t say ‘not only do you have the job, we’re putting you in the commercial’. This ad is likely just a honeypot to see who responds to this type of messaging for later use.

  • BovemDeMorte

    I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but here it goes….

    I am a person of color, born from Mexican immigrant parents here in the U.S. and all I can say I hate when people want to point out every box they can tick off the application form. I don’t and no one else should give a fuck if you’re brown, white, black, or what ever your skin color is. I don’t and no one else should give a flying crap what gender, fucking pronoun, or sexual orantation you want to attach to yourself. Take pride in your own accomplishments as what you did to get there. I feel people like this sell-out their culture, ethnic group, race or whatever you want to call it. When i see a post like this it makes me feel ashamed to be Hispanic because they say they don’t use the color of their skin to get ahead, but that is all you hear in the video.

    I am a nobody in this world, but I take pride in what I accomplish with my own hands and not what color I am or who i decide to sleep with.

  • agojama1

    You want to kidnap kids to be as sex slaves for future blackmailing? Join CIA! Want to smuggle drugs and arrest black people? Join CIA! Want to undermine foreign governments and kill people for no apparent reason? JOIN CIA!

    Join CIA! The private army for people who don’t get elected in america.

  • DeLousedInTheHotBox

    Every evil organization makes propaganda like this now, like now CIA will let women and people of color also distribute drugs into the black community and stage coups! Truly a step forward for equality.

  • Perturbed_Spartan

    >My existence is not a box checking exercise

    This statement would have carried more weight if they didn’t dedicate the previous minute to checking like 37 different boxes.

  • Good_old_Marshmallow

    Fun fact: the picture of the speaker shaking hands with that one women? The women she’s shaking hands with was one of the top architects of the torture program in Iraq. This adds pitch is literally “women can be tortures too”

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