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Killing Eve Season 4 Teaser 2

Killing Eve Season 4 Teaser 2

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  • Zechs-

    Just let it die…

    I loved the first season, but each subsequent season just got worse and worse.

    The loss of PWB really showed.

  • MGD109

    Well it won’t be as good as the first season, but I’m fascinated to see how this ends.

    I hope at the very least Caroline is still alive at the end.

  • hackandtrip

    It is way after its peak, but it was my first encounter with Jodie Comer – what an actress!

    She 100% deserves best actress award for The Last Duel

  • NightsOfFellini

    Couldn’t get into Killing Eve, but Comer is fantastic in The Last Duel, very nuanced performance. Anything else that’s good that she’s been in?

  • booyoos

    if i wasn’t so committed to my tv watching stats looking nice i wouldn’t even watch this season but….at least its over afterwards

  • gophercuresself

    Gave up in season 3 but I just saw that the director for half of this season directed some of the episodes of Trigonometry which is one of my favourite shows of the last couple of years so I may give it another chance.

  • murrayfromtheblock

    Final season thank god, only watching because I want closure and hope some more villanelle/konstantin scenes, could not give a rats arse about Eve

  • mintmerino

    Excited for season 4! I’ve read the criticisms, but I can’t say there was any point where I started finding the show less entertaining. I binged the show over the course of a week or so, so that might have influenced my feelings about this. I’m also a pretty hard person to disappoint as far as TV though, the show could have a whole episode that was just Konstanin laughing and I would probably still enjoy it.

  • laserinlove

    Based on these comments it sounds like stopping after season one was the right call. I liked it and intended to go back but now maybe not. I’ll just take one nice season and leave well enough alone

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