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Kids don’t know how good they have it these days.

Kids don’t know how good they have it these days.

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  • standaggs

    I still prefer to play co-op in the same room on the same console, for the games that support it. It’s way more interactive with the other players.

  • CasualCereal

    Couch Co-Op/PVP was the best. Me and my cousin used to play COD Black Ops with a blanket or bedsheet in between our screens so there wouldn’t be any peeking. Great times

  • FeeDisastrous3879

    That’s why we all brought our own CRT TV and played system link on fold out tables. We played all night fueled by Mountain Dew, Doritos, and chicken nuggets. We told jokes and shit talked each other until we passed out. It was insanely fun. I can’t imagine sitting alone with a headset to communicate is quite the same level of camaraderie.

  • wekilledbambi03

    Are yall really gonna pretend that isn’t a 360. They could have been playing this online. There is a damn HDMI port on the back of that thing, so they could use a bigger nicer TV. This isn’t old school, its just poor.

  • HalikusZion

    Sorry but I feel its the kids of today that miss out on the socal gaming, nothing quite like whooping your friends ass and roasting them there and then. Now they get to beat strangers locked away in solitude.

    Every single great multiplayer experience I have ever had both coop and pvp was with real people in the room.

    20+ kids all huddled round a snes with a copy street fighter 2 or mariokart. Day 1 coop Halo campaign, 4 man Golden eye no oddjob!! – Online play just cant compare.


    I beg to differ. We don’t know how good we had it back then. Couch play games are still my favourite gaming memories with my friends.

  • huntyboi08

    On Friday nights everyone went to Jeff’s house. We all brought our Xboxs and played Halo 2 all night. His dad would get drunk, come down to the basement to call us nerds, then cook us burgers. Some of the best memories I have.

  • GoalieLax_

    Lmao a 360 in a “kids these days” meme. Fuck I’m old.

    Oh. You have a red ring of death? Let me tell you about an intellivision getting so hot you could cook an egg on it.

  • DominikWW95

    The good old times. Honestly I miss them and I’m happy that I experienced this time of age. Meeting up with friends and playing in the same room together was so much more fun than playing with your friends online and talking through voice chat.

  • VikingBattleram

    I was like ahhh the good old days then I saw no wires on the controllers then I saw it was a 360 then started laughing as these kids didn’t even know the struggle lol.

  • spcmnspff335

    I’m pretty sure you mean that kids these days don’t know that they missed the golden age of multiplayer gaming.

  • notinsideyourwebcam

    Hilarious that the 360 is being used for the “kids these days” memes when the n64 or OG xbox LAN photos were being more than a decade ago.

  • j250ex

    Anyone else play Mario cart on the 64 with your friends but the only free tv was the old 13in in the basement. Made for an interesting game.

  • Transcendingfrog2

    Man are you kidding. I miss this shit. Couch co op gets absolutely no love these days. I get with covid and having to stay away that online is perfect but online cannot match the intensity of Goldeneye split screen with 3 other buddies. It just isn’t the same now.

  • c4rdc0llector11

    What are you talking about. i was a kid during this generation and i would say this is in many ways better. because you actually had friends over the house, you had a pizza night with loads of soda, hung out and played video games forever. today’s ways are obviously more convenient to connect with one another but these young kids are missing out on these memories.

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