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Just finished TLoU2, I thought it was great. Why did it get so much hate? I can understand certain moments in game and the justification for then, and the whole LGBT stuff wasnt overpowering.

Just finished TLoU2, I thought it was great. Why did it get so much hate? I can understand certain moments in game and the justification for then, and the whole LGBT stuff wasnt overpowering.

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  • Leeono

    A lot of people loved Joel and been forced to play his killer (even if they were justified) did not sit well with a large vocal majority.

    As for the LGBT stuff I didn’t find it overpowering but there was a lot of representation for a post Apocalyptic world. The LGBT community at a push could be said to make up around 15% of the US population but it seems everyone or every group we encountered had an LGBT person.

    Either through general conversations we hear or in the case of Abby, actually partner with a trans person. So while not overpowering the stats would show that the LGBT population would not be so common in that world.

    So it was definitely pushed in a forced way. It was done better in the first game with Bill and Ellie. They were lgbt characters but it wasn’t forced to the front of their personality or conversations for the sake of “look how diverse we are!” scoring points from journalists.

  • ArchedDeer432

    Not to mention it forces you to kill and it’s whole message is to not kill; it takes all the story and character out of your hand and puts you on a rail car essentially.

  • Trtlby

    I really liked how they create a very deep and complex story around Ellie and Abby. Sure, It’s a difficult start but I think this one of the best video games I’ve played lately: It questions your morals, your choices…

  • C_Herb

    My problem personally was how predictable the story was. None of the “big” moments hit because I saw them coming from a mile away. No I did not look at the leaks.

  • Sad-Guarantee-4678

    Devs took a risk in order to make something original, to create a new kind of gaming and narrative experience. But the gamers are mostly immature babies, that don’t wanna play if they can’t relate to/imagine themselves as/be horny about a character they control. God forbid you try to empathize with someone you don’t like

  • HAL9000_1208

    They should at least gave you the option to kill Abby at the end, as it is it’s an unsatisfying revenge story that forces you to play for more or less half of the game as an unsympathetic character rather than the ones with which most people wanted to play… The story is badly structured, as having Abby going all “Hulk SMASH” with the golf club before we actually get to know her prevented most to actually grow attached to the character, as a result I couldn’t care less about her and her friends, also Joel acts uncharacteristically stupid in the first act. The only parts I have enjoyed were the flashback seeing Ellie and Joel interact with each other, which was the thing that made the first game so good and beloved in the first place.

    99,9% of gamers didn’t actually cared for the LGBT stuff, that was a narrative spun up by the game media to shield the game from criticism, people liked Ellie and were excited for TLOU2 even after we discovered that she was a lesbian in the TLOU’s DLC.

  • MrForndog

    Everyone knew Joel was going to die, if ND made a 2nd game

    A lot of people complained about the poor story writing and all the plot holes.

    Joel died in a way that goes against everything he stood for in the 1st game.

    The manipulation in the trailers.

    Playing Abby yeah is a bit dumb but it’s interesting to see her point of view BUT why I’ve had an issue with her is that she’s related to a useless character that had 1 min screentime in the previous game and legit looks like a dude, they could’ve done so much better for that character, thus circling back to poor writing

    The LGBTQ thing I didn’t have an issue with but you can clearly see it was pushed in the game, instead of being there naturally

    The whole story is based around revenge the game should at least have 2 endings.. one giving you to spare Abby’s life, the other to kill her

    Honestly the most enjoyable thing I liked about the game were the flashbacks with Ellie.

    For me Part 2 should’ve never happened, and especially not like this… Can’t wait for TLOU remake though

  • latergolem

    The ending made me think what was the point and in a story sense it makes no since that Ellie let’s Abby go even if the moral is revenge is wrong maybe actually have the character get revenge then have the character deeply regret it

    P.S. The guy who said the devs tried to do something original and that gamers can’t sympathize with a character is just wrong have you played RDR 2

  • Icedearth6408

    Honest opinion: I never played the second game nor do I plan on it. I thought the first game had a good story, that prologue was a real tear jerker. However I really did not like the game play so I never finished it, I stopped about halfway. I’m just not a big survivor horror fan.

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