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Juliana Peña, a massive underdog, submits Amanda Nunes to become the new UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion

Juliana Peña, a massive underdog, submits Amanda Nunes to become the new UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion

Juliana Peña, a massive underdog, submits Amanda Nunes to become the new UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion from sports

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  • suzukigun4life

    Entering tonight, Amanda Nunes was on a 12-fight winning streak. She had been the Women’s Bantamweight champion since July 2016 and the Bantamweight and Featherweight double champion since December 2018. Amanda Nunes was a +1000 favorite. She had not been submitted since her pro debut in early 2008. This result is one of the biggest upsets in UFC title fight history.

  • Leviticus_805

    Choke wasnt even sunk in fully. Compare Nunes/Jan being submitted to Volk vs Ortega. Volk survived that guillotine with sheer will power.

  • Lemon86st

    Nunes had no grit, something seemed off. Maybe a weight cut idk I’m not an expert. She was off balance from a few light jabs. Zero cardio, she was gassed even though she never really had high output. That choke wasn’t sunk in deep. Very curious, would love to hear some expert analysis.

  • JabroniDaGr8

    Does no one remember Nunez’s early career? She always found a way out and quit. Jesus Christ people, a thrown fight? You don’t take that much damage, or damage your opponent that much if you throw fight. Wtf?

  • Dinin53

    Nunes clearly struggled from cutting the weight. She’s a big, powerful woman at Feather but cutting that extra 10lb will take a lot out of anyone. As for the submission, the choke didn’t seem to be set but I think the writing was on the wall. Nunes looked like she just fell over from the takedown, didn’t look to resist it at all. She was running on an empty tank and may well have taken the opportunity to check out before she was clocked out.

  • pwnitat0r

    I didn’t see the full fight so no idea what happened before that, but that looks really weak from Nunes. Didn’t even have the arm under the chin and she could have put her hand on Pena’s hand to slip it over the top of her chin.

    Looked like she was completely gassed and broken mentally to tap to that. Did Pena beat her up on the feet before that?

  • aaronjaffe

    This isn’t anything new. These kind of problems plagued Nunes early in her career.

    In particular she struggled with adrenaline dumps (getting over excited in the moment then quickly gassing).

    Most recently this happened the first time she fought Schevchenko. And we saw a very similar outcome vs Cat Zingano where Nunes was even more dominant early and got bodied even worse late.

    Could be the weight cut to 135 brought some of these issues back out. Could be she just had an off night. But this is who Nunes has always been.

    It’s just that no one has been able to exploit her weaknesses lately because she is very strong in other areas.

  • just_eh_guy

    Forgot that she’s still FW champ after this fight. Makes a little more sense why she wasn’t at all upset or distraught after the loss. Maybe having both titles and knowing she can get an immediate rematch, she didn’t feel like she had as much to lose by tapping so easily

  • petalmasher

    It’s almost as if she’s been so dominant for so long, she didn’t know what to do when she started getting beat up and tossed around a little bit, she wanted out.

  • lolzuponlols

    Julianna Pena at the press conference, when asked about being the baddest mom on the planet:

    “*I’m not taking anything away from Amanda (Nunes), but I gave birth to my daughter, and I feel by giving birth, I’m the first mom champ.*”

    Shots fired!!

  • TJH1993

    This was literally the first UFC fight I ever bet on just because the odds stuck out to me. Too bad it was only a $1 bet. Never heard of either of them and I don’t really follow UFC but hey I won $5.50.

  • Lemon_Kush

    EVERY single comment is people discrediting Pena and just saying that something was wrong with Nunes because she lost. You people have no respect for fighters at all.

  • Dthedaydreamer293

    Very few talking about her Covid case. It wasn’t that long ago either. She looked gassed and out of place. Very possible she’s not fully healed yet.

  • Squawkimo

    Credit to Peña but Nunes looked like a shell of the dominant fighter I’ve seen to this point. Her punches looked slow and not a lot of power behind them. Comparing this Amanda to the one I saw destroy Cat Is night and day difference.

  • Blitz-99

    People trying to figure out what medical issue she had….

    Pena popped her clean with a left every single time Amanda threw a punch.


    Chael Sonnen is right. The rest naked choke is almost always an I’m too tired or I quit tapout.

    Amanda’s a black belt. She was in no danger of that choke how it was in. She was exhausted in a fight way harder than she thought she’d be in.

  • iLLogick

    It’s so crazy that Nunes has been so dominant for so many years by just bludgeoning ladies, and the way she gets beat is by a girl with less power than her who just ate her biggest shots, bit down and walked forward through it all, giving it back as hard as she took it until Nunes was broken and wanted out.

    I did not expect to see Nunes mentally break by the pressure of Pena. Iconic performance, instant classic and one of the best moments I’ve seen after watching fights every god damn day for 15 years of my life.

  • Moses015

    Such a weird fight. Like nothing against Pena, good for her, but something was SO off about Nunes in that fight. Even look at the tap, the rear naked choke wasn’t even remotely secured and she quickly tapped. So strange.

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