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Jimmy Swift Band – The 80’s Runway Model (Live at the Marquee) [Jamtronica/Alternative/Rock] (2003)

Jimmy Swift Band – The 80’s Runway Model (Live at the Marquee) [Jamtronica/Alternative/Rock] (2003)

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  • iamawildparty

    Holy shit! Was NOT expecting to see Jimmy Swift Band on Reddit today! Legit lost count of how many times I saw them in Moncton in the early aughts.

  • Laser_Stronghold

    ok – I used to see these guys all the time back in my university days at UNB…

    In the mid 2000s a few friends and I went to Cuba on an all inclusive and we ran into the lead singer and his buddy (maybe a producer? I can’t remember). Super nice. We hung out and partied with them several times during our stay. These guys were ROCK STARS. And I mean that because we would party all night, like until 5am with them and then we wouldn’t wake up until about 11 or so. But these guys would have been up hours earlier, down by the pool drinking vodka and redbull as we stumbled down to get some food. They’d do this all day, go take a nap at like 2 or 3 and then be down for supper and do it all over again.

    They told us this story where they rented a car and drove into Havana to do… stuff. They parked the car and went around. Eventually this local pulls a knife on them and they start running. now, they didn’t say why the guy pulled a knife, so we’ll just have to use our imagination… So anyway, they tell us they start running but they completely forget where they parked and this guy is still chasing them with a knife. So, they’re just running aimlessly, not knowing where to go or how to get away in a foreign country. At one point they see a cop and the guy chasing them stops and puts the knife away and starts walking casually. Good, they’re safe… But, as soon as the cop passes he pulls the knife back out and starts chasing them again so they have to take off again. After a few more minutes of just running and turning down streets aimlessly, they accidentally find their car! They jump in and drive off, back to the resort.

    We know this story because they told it to us later that night, drinking and partying with them until like 5am. When we woke up the next day, who was by the pool hours before us drinking vodka and redbull? F*cking rock stars!

    epilogue: after the week at the resort, we part ways and Craig (that’s the lead singers name) tells us he’ll put us on the guest list for the next show in Saint John. We thought, that was nice but they’ll probably forget about us. he probably meets a lot of people. About a month later my buddies go to a Jimmy Swift Band show and the local bar and didn’t have super high hopes but told the bouncer they were on the list. Sure enough, they remembered and got in without cover.

    So ya, nice guys, great time… f*cking rock stars

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