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Jimmy Kimmel Remembers Bob Saget

Jimmy Kimmel Remembers Bob Saget

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  • JoseefusBroseefus

    I got to see him do stand up a few years back, and he was absolutely hilarious. A bit of a shock if all you knew about him was full house (he made some pretty dirty jokes about the Olsen twins lol) but he was funny, warm, and stuck around to meet fans after. Just a genuinely good guy. RIP, Bob.

  • YEGMusic43

    It’s been a long time since I was hit hard by a celeb death. He was everyone’s friend. Everyone who worked with him loved him and had nothing but kind things to say about him. That doesn’t happen a lot in Hollywood. It’s true not everyone liked his sense of humour, but he did so much charity work and was always there for his friends if they asked.

    John Stamos is taking this hard and I imagine all of the Full House cast. They were all like family in real life.

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