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Jigzilla: the automatic puzzle solving machine | Stuff Made Here

Jigzilla: the automatic puzzle solving machine | Stuff Made Here

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  • ThingSuch

    This guy is embodiment of what I wanted to be after grownig up.

    Instead I write boring CRUD apps and don’t even have enough space in apartments to place 5k puzzle, forget about machinery

  • tidder112

    I am impatient… One, with waiting to see part 2 of this puzzle solving machine video, and two, with waiting to see how he is going to subtly insult his loving wife with said machine.

  • drillgorg

    He looks like he’s going to build a shrink ray to use on his kids, water some carnivorous plants, and cosplay Darth Vader.

  • ImWearingBattleDress

    The total output of Stuff Made Here is one of the most impressive feats I’ve ever seen from a single person.

    I’m serious. The scale, scope, and *pace* of his projects are astounding. He’s solving essentially novel problems requiring a very broad skillset, each one is a independently massively complex undertaking. Most impressively he’s putting one out every couple months.

    It’s crazy.

  • raistmaj

    Shane: “In this video I’ll be solving a problem I’ve always wanted to tackle down, a Death Star that can blow up a whole planet the size of the earth”

    One month later, he blows up Venus

    The wife: “Meh, but it can’t blow up the sun”
    Shane: 😢😢

  • NorthCascadia

    Why plan on making the entire contraption a reverse air hockey table to keep the pieces from slipping instead of just… rubberizing the surface a little?

  • bcmonke

    I guess the next step after building a machine that solves 2d puzzles would be a machine that assembles a 3d puzzle or model?

    This guy is one of my favorite creators on youtube. Dont get to see a genius at work very often

  • Monoke0412

    As a math prof teaching engineering students: This is what you get if an engineering/cs student actually takes his math classes seriously.

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