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Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (2022) Primary Poster

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (2022) Primary Poster

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  • Mightymophinmisery

    That’s so weird. All week I’ve randomly been singing “jeepers, creepers, where’d you get those peepers” to myself and now I see this

  • KikujiroSonatine

    I feel like they made a point of making the director’s name prominent on the poster, as in “Don’t worry, this one’s not directed by Victor Salva!”

  • kimberhenry

    Hoping this isn’t another “the son of the killer is the new killer” plot that is very overdone in horror now

  • Unconscience

    true story – i worked as a PA on ‘jeepers creepers II’ in 2002 and during a location shoot, we had to go around the neighborhood to inform everyone that the director, victor salva, was a registered sex-offender

  • hman9958

    Fuck every person involved with Jeepers Creepers 1-3. Salva was convicted in the 80’s. Every single person involved with these films, at every level, knew Salva was a child rapist. They can all get fucked.

  • viodox0259

    Pretty sure the director was one sick fuck which is why people.boycotted jeepers creepers 3.

    I actually always loved the first one.

  • mr_math24

    So is this coming out in 2022 like the title says, or next year like the poster says? Or is this an old poster just being shared now for some reason?

    EDIT: I looked it up. This poster and a teaser were released early last year. Since then it has been delayed, and is now in the middle of a lawsuit regarding its release.

  • dociousmagocious1998

    This brings back my traumatic memory from 1st grade where this kid in my classroom used to pretend to almost summon Jeepers Creepers to torment me. He also said that if you said his name, Jeepers would come at midnight to kill you unless you said his name backwards. I’ve never seen one of these damn movies so I have no idea if this is actually part of Jeepers Creeper lore or not. All I know is that my family was puzzled why I broke down crying in Wal-Mart thinking they were going to die. They rented it recently or were going to rent it and said something about it. It sounds silly looking back, but that whole experience was terrifying to live through. This wasn’t just a short thing. This lasted months. At least it’s over now haha.

  • spygentlemen

    Never seen any of these movies, and I never will in the off chance he gets any revenue from them. The fact that he was allowed to return to the industry after raping a kid is really too disgusting to fathom.

  • JBredditaccount

    Is this the horror movie about the winged tow truck driver?

    Also, I’ve been meaning to watch Pumpkinhead for the first time. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend.

  • fusionman51

    I’ll watch anything involving Jeepers Creepers but I just have seen so many red flags about this reboot to get my hopes up high.

  • McCabbe

    **Jeepers Creepers**


    *Directed by:* a completely new director. Not at all that other dude. We swear.

  • Muhmuhmonee

    The baby carriage makes me think this movie will be terrible.

    There is only one scene in Jeepers Creepers that really worked for me and that’s the first.

    Where the drive by the yard and see the guy dump the body in a pipe and then look at them and chase them.

    That’s just creepy as fuck.

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