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Is Gothic Worth Playing for the First Time in 2022?

Is Gothic Worth Playing for the First Time in 2022?

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  • InfinityCircuit

    Hilarious. Love the goth shit randomly everywhere in your daily life. Makes me question why you left a game literally named GOTHIC so long untouched.

    Good review; I can see where modern open world games could maybe learn some lessons from Gothic in a few areas, instead of going the “Ubisoft” route, if you take my meaning.

  • Dry_Presentation_197

    Great idea to use the pros and cons list and let the viewer decide if it’s worth playing.

    Combat seems jank but it does at least look to me like it was a labor of love from the devs, not a game created in a board room.

    Love the sense of humor and editing style in the review, exactly my cup of tea =)

  • ErrantBuffalo

    The pinnacle of euro jank and one of my favorite games of my teen years. I revisit it every couple years. It’s still awesome.

  • darthtm

    Loved the video! It’s well-written, with funny jokes. The pacing is perfect:)
    I’ve watched other Behind Schedule episodes and I strongly recommend everyone watch them too!

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