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I Landed A Model Rocket Like SpaceX

I Landed A Model Rocket Like SpaceX

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  • sipping_mai_tais

    I think this video makes a point of how difficult it is to pull of what SpaceX is doing.

    Look how how long it took for them to achieve the landing, more than a decade with hundreds of employees working and (billions?) of dollars.

    And now in a much smaller scale, it took 1 guy alone 7 years, and that’s just a tiny flight and rough landing.

    It seems that rocket science it is indeed rocket science

  • Itdidnt_trickle_down

    Is this legal? I remember in the 80’s and 90’s amateur rockets couldn’t have a guidance system of any kind.

  • trybius

    In the first segments it shows him soldering chips onto some sort of configurable circuit board. Does anyone know what that is? (The type of circuit board that lets you do that)

  • OSUfan88

    I’m so happy for Joe! I’ve been following him for 5-6 years now, and was so excited to see him finally stick the landing. I’m really excited to see what he does next, and what this “meat rocket” is.

    Also, if you haven’t seen his finest invention yet, you need to see [THIS](

    You will not be disappointed.

  • BLSmith2112

    What an accomplishment. Six years of trial and error, starting with no knowledge of this stuff to landing a freaking rocket on a target without a parachute. Add to that some killer production quality and damn this guy is straight up inspirational.

  • electronWizard

    Joe’s been really inspiring to follow on YouTube, he’s had heaps of setbacks where he seems like he’s about to achieve a landing by engineering a solution to one of the problems causing it to fail only to discover the next challenge that must be engineered away. Despite all the frustration and failed landings, he stuck with the project and came up with creative solutions to vector and throttle solid rocket motors that he’s manufactured himself, designed all the control electronics, modelled the rocket dynamics and control loops and wrote the code to implement it all!

  • screwthat4u

    You can always tell marketing from engineering in that the marketing will focus on the aesthetic and the engineers will focus on the implementation

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