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I know there’s 900+ Pokémon now but there are just so many inconsistencies that don’t make sense like a titan that can move countries weighing less then a soccer van

I know there’s 900+ Pokémon now but there are just so many inconsistencies that don’t make sense like a titan that can move countries weighing less then a soccer van

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  • darcmosch

    I’ve always considered the Pokedex more like a bestiary where someone wants to sell their books, so they make em seem way super cool compared to real life.

    Also whoever writes Pokedex entries seriously hates Magikarp

  • luke31071

    It’s like Chinese Food. The Chinese just call it “Food”. So it doesn’t learn Ice Punch because to him it’s just a “Punch”.

    *Edit: Ice Punch, not Ice Lunch*

  • Goe_Phaste

    That’s sort of the point…to confuse you. Some JRPGs screwed around the elements too, some fire enemies will be weak to fire instead of immune to fire for example, or the enemies that look like knights will be magic based instead of physical attacks.

    It’s a design choice based on eluding the obvious.

  • TheHollowBard

    I mean also essentially *all* Pokemon can learn Toxic. Why the hell that is, I have no clue. Poison Pokemon suck almost unilaterally. Given the prevalence of Toxic Stall, the game meta would be quite different if they were the only types that could learn Toxic.

  • CuniculusDeus

    Ice isn’t very strong. Tell you what, I’ll give you arms made of ice and you tell me how much you feel like punching things.

  • CommunityForsaken841

    obviously you do not see the magnificence of a ghastly. as the pokemon fated to evolve into the best pokemon in the series, it does not abide your human logic. it is beyond us

  • Papacu81

    I usually despise pokemon, but regarding this kind of nonsense and as a shin megami tensei fan, I think it’s fair. In megaten you fuse a fairy with a plant and the result is a dragon, nothing makes sense

  • MuffinMeisser

    Pokémon gen 1 red and blue. Doduo learns fly but doesn’t have wings. Charizard has wings but can’t learn fly.

    I know they fixed this in yellow version. But I was so confused as a kid from this.

  • Skysr70

    Lileep/Cradily couldn’t learn Leech Seed
    Absol couldn’t learn Crunch
    yet Gyarados can learn fire blast thunder and blizzard for some reason

  • Team_Braniel

    I have this habit where my interest in something runs only as deep as the care the creator put into it. Some art is amazing, some stories are amazing, but pokemon has always run a little shallow.

  • Atamsih

    The greatest inconsistency in pokemon that needs to be solved before Every other is that the most dragonlike pokemon in the game is not dragon type

  • ArmyLow1688

    His hands are made out of ice,I think it would break its hands if he tries to punch anything, meanwhile gasly is a ghost type and those feckers can do whatever they want as long as they ain’t in front of me

  • hiricinee

    I like the idea that you have pokemon that are essentially dieties that created reality, but some 10 year old kid can send out random bugs they found in the forest to beat the shit out of them and catch them in a poke ball.

  • hugemon

    Well it wouldn’t be a special skill if it had a ice fist. Just punching makes it a Ice Punch.

    If you had no arms and learned how to Ice Punch it is truly a special skill.

  • KnightsRook314

    How about that Gyrados is Water/Flying, but can’t learn Fly. And he can learn Dragon moves.

    Or how Magnezone is literally levitating with magnet induced anti-gravity… but doesn’t have Levitate and so is still demolished by Ground moves.

  • Midknight_King

    OG Pokémon Silver, Typhlosion could learn Thunder Punch lol. I naturally tend to pick Fire starters for the most part (except I did pick Samurott once), but needless to say I ran through Cerulean City gym. Kinda sucks they changed this in Soulsilver but I can see why.

  • LokoLoa

    Anyone else think Mew was a dumb design for a “legendary”? He was just a fliying fetus lol compare him to Mewtwo who is a cool ass humanoid alien with purple tail who has a look in his face like he can make you explode

  • Laggylaptop

    Tail glow, learned by an alien made of cables. Not learned by Ampharos, the pokemon famous for its fucking tail orb lighting up.

  • doktarlooney

    There is an interesting explanation for all of this:

    Children are the ones populating the Pokedex entry, little 8 and 9 year olds that still dont have a serious grasp on their perception and what they are looking at.

    “This pokemon reaches over 1,000,000,000 degrees!” Sounds like my little nephew explaining something…..

  • NBKFactor

    Maybe theres nuance to pokemon. Maybe it isn’t as simple as “has ice arms so should know this ability”. Or maybe you put too much weight on a game where you are catching monsters in balls.

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